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Lawmakers Who Support the Industry


State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus Chair


Assemblymember Bill Reilich (R-NY) is the chair of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus.
Business owner, SEMA member and auto enthusiast, Assemblymember Bill Reilich (R-NY) is the chair of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus. During his tenure, the caucus has grown to include almost 600 members from all 50 states. Included among the cars he has owned is a ’57 Chevy, ’81 T-Bird and ’07 Shelby GT 500.



Did you know that some lawmakers are big fans of collector cars, vehicle exhibitions and auto racing? Many of these U.S. representatives and senators have joined the Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus. Likewise, state lawmakers have joined the companion State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus. 

The caucuses help identify lawmakers with shared interests—in this case, a love for the automobile—and promote the growth and advancement of those causes.

The caucuses have bipartisan memberships, which recognize that the American automotive specialty and performance industry is an important economic engine, providing jobs for more than a million Americans and quality products for a global marketplace.

Caucus members may not always agree on legislative approaches to contentious issues, but the caucuses are important vehicles for raising the industry’s profile on Capitol Hill, in state capitals and in the public’s eyes.

Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus: The caucus was formed in 1996 in honor of the 100th year of the automobile and to recognize the contributions that the automotive performance and motorsports industry has made to the U.S. economy. This honorary, bipartisan congressional caucus pays tribute to the quality, performance and safety of all motor vehicles and to America’s ever-growing love affair with the car and motorsports.

State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus: In its daily efforts to promote and protect the auto hobby, SEMA partners with caucus members from across the country to raise the motor-vehicle hobby’s profile in the state legislatures and before the general public. Formed in 2005, the state caucus includes hundreds of members from all 50 states, a number that continues to grow. For a full listing of caucus members, visit


Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus Co-Chairs


  Senator Richard Burr (R-NC)
Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) knows first-hand the positive impact that racing and enthusiast events have on the American economy. For three consecutive years, he has co-sponsored U.S. Senate resolutions designating the second Friday of July as Collector Car Appreciation Day.
  Representative Sander Levin (D-MI)
Representative Sander Levin (D-MI) has been the caucus co-chair since its founding in 1996. He has been a strong advocate for SEMA and an ardent supporter of American manufacturing and small business. Under his leadership, the caucus has grown to nearly 100 members.
  Senator Jon Tester (D-MT)
Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) was a charter member of the State Caucus prior to being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006. When not in Washington or running the family farm, he and his son have restored a number of cars, from a Model T to a ’55 Chevy‚ ’56 Buick and Willys CJ.
  Senator Jon Tester (D-MT)
Representative Bill Posey (R-FL) is a lifelong stock car racer who began midget racing at the age of five. He has championed the hobby and related industry from his tenure in the Florida state legislature to his current position in the nation’s capital.



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