SEMA News—November 2011


Mustang GT500 




When It Hits: Beyond the 600-plus-hp supercharged engine, information on the powerplant is still a little murky, as is the official release date.

What Priddy Says: Judging by the camouflage, it’s safe to say that Ford has reached the production prototype phase of development on the new Mustang. Under the hood, an updated V8 is the likely powerhouse and, judging by the sound, it will remain supercharged. 


When It Hits: No release date has been announced for the 2013 BMW M3.

What Priddy Says: Because it’s still very early in development, details about the 2013 BMW M3 are a little slim, but the biggest question remains: What will BMW do with the engine? Rumors suggest that the new M3 may feature a straight six-cylinder motor with three turbochargers, good for 450 hp.




Camaro ZL1

When It Hits: Watch for production to start around the middle of 2013.

What Priddy Says: The Golf GTI wheels and dual exhaust (not shown) indicate that this is no ordinary Golf—only the GTI models get that sort of exhaust setup. The finished product is expected to have a more aggressive front end, with honeycomb grille inserts along with the traditional red brake calipers.


When It Hits: The Camaro ZL1 will most likely launch early in 2012.

What Priddy Says: The photographer who snapped these photos said that this Camaro was “louder than heck” and that the hood scoop looked like a cold-air intake. Judging by the hood scoop and the engine’s sound, and given the tight security that surrounded the Camaro after its run, speculation is high that this Camaro is equipped with a Track-
Pack option.

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