SEMA News—October 2011

New Products Showcase Preview

100+ Products to Be Unveiled at the 2011 SEMA Show

The SEMA Show is all about innovation and creativity. For a taste of what’s coming at the 2011 event, check out the more than 100 new products previewed here. During the Show, head to the upper level of South Hall for a look at the Ideas Alive: Featuring the New Products Showcase at the Las Vegas Convention Center, November 1–4, 2011.

 Click here to view more than 100 new products debuting at the 2011 SEMA Show in PDF format


AEM Electronics

Booth #24313

According to AEM, the company’s new AQ-1 Data Logger is a vehicle data-acquisition device designed for performance enthusiasts who want dynamic, accurate data-logging capability for less than half of the cost of most other data loggers. Information: or 310-484-2322.

    Ark Corp.

Booth #31165

The Arkpak with Time Tracker technology is a unique 12V battery power pack. It incorporates an LCD screen with battery voltage and capacity display. The Arkpak comes complete with a built-in 110-240V 6A smartcharger/battery conditioner, a 200W DC-AC inverter, two accessory ports, an Anderson plug, a manual isolation key and external battery posts. Information: or +61-2-9678-9036.


Andersen Hitches

Booth #36074

Andersen Hitches introduces its “No-Sway” weight-distribution hitch. The new unit features a motion-dampening system, one-pin removal from tow vehicle, a 25/16-in. ball and a lifetime warranty. Information: or call 800-635-6106.



Booth #23729

Airaid introduces a new intake system for the popular ’11 Ford F-150 3.5L EcoBoost. This intake system features the cold-air dam and roto-molded MAF adaptor designed to maximize airflow and offer proper MAF functionality, which allows for increased horsepower and improved overall performance. Information:
or 888-876-8984.

Booth #38045 is proud to introduce the latest addition to its vehicle lineup—the new Electric Delivery Trike. The unit was developed with a 1,500W brush motor that is powered by 48V 38AH batteries. The current top speed is 22 mph, and the vehicle has a range of 40 miles. Information: or 866-939-9033.


Autoequips Tech

Booth #11681

Autoequips Tech introduces a new full-vision camera system featuring a 180° bird’s-eye viewing angle. According to the company, the new innovation provides auto-correction for distortion (fish-eye effect) caused by a wide-angle lens. Information: or +86-755-8601-6313.

Baja Designs Inc.

Booth #22486

The Squadron LED light provides 3,600 lumens in a 3x3-in. package. Baja Designs uses the latest-generation Cree LED to provide illumination for any driving style or environment. Information: or 760-560-2252.


Bubba Rope

Booth #30179

Gator-ize is an added-protection option that is applied to the wear points of any size Bubba Rope. According to Bubba Rope, Gator-ize will not only not damage the rope but will actually protect the wear points of your eyes and, ultimately, prolong the life of the Bubba Rope. Information: or 877-499-8494.


AutoWare Technologies

Booth #45101

AutoWare Technologies is proud to announce the launch of the new NextWheels Online program featuring MGP caliper covers. NextWheels Online allows users to select a vehicle; modify the color, ride height and window tint; and then preview how different custom wheels and tires will look on the car. With the new “Brake” feature, users can also preview MGP caliper covers in various colors on their vehicles. Information: or 877-230-9695.

Blair Equipment Co.

Booth #10513

The new Blair Enforcer Spotweld drill removes spot welds on all types of materials, especially Boron and UHSS. The drill has a lower cutter rpm and a manual-feed leverage handle that increases performance. Air power is not consumed to advance the cutter, which dramatically reduces the time required to remove a spot weld. Information: or 810-635-7111.

    C.A.R. Products

Booth #13065

Precision Cut Compound (P100) is an aggressive, fast-cutting compound designed to remove 1,200-grit or finer sanding scratches. According to C.A.R. Products, it’s effective for removing oxidation, acid rain and other defects on all types of paint. Information: or 800-537-7797.

    B&W Trailer Hitches

Booth #34071

According to B&W Trailer Hitches, the Defender is unlike any gooseneck trailer coupler on the market today. With unrivaled ease of use and security features built into the coupler, the Defender helps keep property safe and ensures easier towing. Information: or 800-248-6564.


Booth #12681

Bull-Bond proudly introduces its
complete line of cleaning and detailing products, including multi-use cleaners, degreasers, car washes and waxes, tire shine-vinyl protectants and more. All products are environmentally friendly
and biodegradable and are available in containers ranging from 32-oz. bottles to 55-gal. drums. Information: or 787-653-4900.

    Across USA/Carbonetic

Booth #24629

Across Corp./Carbonetic introduces carbon clutch technology with superior heat resistance, great controllability and long life. According to the company, the lighter rotating mass of the Blade disc allows for slick and quick gear shifting while giving a near-OEM feel and light but extremely controllable pedal action. The Blade is suited for street, drift, rallying, drag and circuit driving. Information: or 310-635-3555.

    Canton Racing Products

Booth #24116

Canton Racing Products introduces its new line of oil pans for the Ford 5.0 Coyote engine. They are available in
a front-sump style designed to work
with early Ford chassis and a shallow
rear-sump style designed specifically for kit cars and other applications seeking added ground clearance. Information: or 203-481-9460.


Cap-Pack Truck Products

Booth #34189

The Cap-Pack is a storage system that utilizes the wasted space of a truck cap to organize and secure valuable items. When closed, the storage drawer locks into a sturdy elevated frame that allows the truck bed to be free of clutter and available for large items. Information:  or 262-206-6211.

    California Custom Coach

Booth #24794

Featuring reproduction Auburn Speedsters, California Custom Coach introduces luxury classic motoring with today’s reliability. Information: or 972-443-9823.


Booth #33004

These heavy-duty, foldable steps are a large 14x5 in., specifically developed for all 2-in. and 21/2-in. hitch receivers. According to the company, they give safe and easy access to any vehicle with a trailer hitch. Information: or 800-800-1084.

Cargo Ease

Booth #38086

According to Cargo Ease, with the addition of the new Cargo Ramp System, the company has made loading and unloading anything faster and easier than ever. Cargo Ease is proud to introduce its new Cargo Ramp—the ultimate loading and unloading system. Information: or 905-768-2650.

    Catalyst Industries

Booth #10802

Catalyst Industries introduces a new mobile tie-down clamp. This new clamp is designed to mount to the pinch weld area of pickup bedsides and also to any other area a tie-down mount may be needed, such as front and rear bumpers, wheelwells, etc. Information: or 800-667-4068.

    Check Corporation

Booth #12441

Check Corporation ambient lighting kits use the latest in LED lighting technology. Each LED strip contains four RGB
LED lights, each capable of producing a consistent hue of eight different colors with a high- and low-intensity setting for each color. All of this is controlled with the use of one simple switch. Information: or 800-927-6787.

Champion Brands

Booth # 21131

According to Champion Brands, Classic Blue Flame performance diesel oil is a hybrid synthetic blend 15W-40 diesel engine oil that combines high-zinc performance additives, superior protection, advanced polymer technology and high TBN, supported by a carrier blend of synthetic and conventional base fluids. Information: or 800-821-5693.

Cooper Tire & Rubber

Booth #43001

The Cooper Zeon RS3-A is the all-season tire in the ultra-high-performance family. According to the company, this performance tire provides the driver with dynamic handling that inspires confidence and control in all seasons. The RS3-A is available in 35 sizes ranging from 16- to 19-in. rim diameters and carrying a W-speed rating. Information: or 419-423-1321.


Booth #10943

The Extractor was primarily designed as a tool to aid in the removal of auto glass. The Hornet offers the same quality, same power and same dependability as the previous
Extractor tools but with an all-new price. Information: or 877-628-8837.


Booth #20903

Protect your vehicle’s rear seats from your pets with Coverking’s new Pet Protector. Install this heavy-duty 1680 polyester, waterproof protector in seconds by attaching it to your headrests. (If headrests are not available, an alternative attachment method is included.) Machine wash on gentle and air dry for long-lasting protection. Information: or 800-542-3274.

    Contur Cabinet

Booth #10252

Contur Cabinet will launch a new line of modern European-inspired garage cabinets at the 2011 SEMA Show. Advanced features, such as contoured front panel designs, choice of numerous colors and textures as well as state-of-the-art construction technology, make these all-metal storage cabinets truly exclusive. Information: or 514-439-3222.

    Curt Manufacturing

Booth #30035

Curt’s new easy-mount electrical bracket line provides an elegant and simple solution for mounting tow wiring to a vehicle. Easy-mount brackets simply rest over the receiver tube and are tightened with two bolts (provided). Then the tow wiring socket snaps or screws into the bracket. No drilling is required. Information: or 877-CURTMFG.

Delta Kits

Booth #32203

Delta Kits has introduced the MobilePro line of professional windshield repair systems along with Infinity 4.1 headlight coating in the company’s ClearPro Plus headlight restoration system. MobilePro windshield repair systems include components with
a limited lifetime warranty and an expanded array of accessory tools. Information: or 800-548-8332.

    Dill Air Controls Products

Booth #41207

The Dill Air Controls new 1215 TPMS bundle features 80% sensor coverage, 95% kit coverage plus all the mechanical tools needed to service TPMS. Information: or 919-692-2300.



Booth #10109

Delcam will launch the 2012 version of its FeatureCAM, a feature-based CAM system for faster and easier programming. According to Delcam, the most important improvement for increasing machine productivity comes from further developments in the use of stock models to cover 2-D features, including bosses, sides and slots. Information: or 877-Delcam-1.


 Click here to view more than 100 new products debuting at the 2011 SEMA Show in PDF format. 

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