SEMA News—August 2011

SEMA PAC: Defending Your Industry, Your Voice and Your Future

Your Personal Investment Impacts Your Business

  SEMA PAC Chairman Doug Evans 
The last year has been successful for the SEMA Political Action Committee (SEMA PAC), thanks in large part to the vital contributions SEMA members have provided. From securing the repeal of the health-care law’s 1099 reporting requirement to preventing the mislabeling of ethanol content in gasoline, preserving the right to off-road recreation and securing a U.S. Senate Resolution recognizing collector cars, the PAC has addressed issues that have a direct effect on how SEMA members run their businesses and has been an important tool in these victories. With an election year approaching, all SEMA members should learn about SEMA PAC and become involved.

“I feel I have not just the right but the obligation to make myself heard and to help our industry become vocal,” said SEMA PAC Chairman Doug Evans. “If the current and future leaders of this industry do not get involved, our influence will diminish within 10 years. Our vitality is under assault on a daily basis from unfair laws and regulations in Washington, D.C. It is critical that every SEMA-member employee take a stand and support SEMA PAC.”

To protect your industry, your voice and your future on Capitol Hill, it is critical that SEMA PAC be equipped to help elect lawmakers who understand SEMA’s positive impact on the American economy. SEMA PAC also helps combat threats to your business from restrictive regulations, excessive taxes, higher gasoline prices and other legislative and regulatory dangers.

SEMA PAC pools the financial resources generously provided by SEMA members to ensure that their concerns are recognized in Washington. Making a difference is as simple as a $25 contribution.

As SEMA PAC prepares to continue its successes and address the upcoming election year, it needs involvement from all levels of the association’s membership.

“The issues facing our industry in Washington affect every SEMA member, not just a limited few,” said SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting. “By investing in SEMA PAC, all of our members have the opportunity to support elected officials who support our industry and our future. Without the involvement of all SEMA members, the industry will be unprepared to face
legislative challenges.”

Trade associations such as SEMA are prohibited from using their funds to make political contributions and rely on the generous support of their members. SEMA is, however, allowed to fund all administrative costs of running the PAC. Simply put, 100% of your contribution to SEMA PAC is used to elect industry-friendly legislators.

As with all trade associations, SEMA must receive written permission from the executives or individual employees of its member companies to provide timely updates on the PAC’s efforts on Capitol Hill. If you haven’t already, visit and fill out the prior-approval form. Becoming “PAC Approved” is the first step toward taking action and learning more about SEMA’s Political Action Committee. No contribution is required to sign up.

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