SEMA News—August 2011

SEMA Action Network Celebrates 15 Years as Premier Grassroots Hobbyist Organization

   The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is a nationwide partnership between enthusiasts, vehicle clubs and members of the automotive specialty-equipment industry who have joined forces to promote hobby-friendly legislation and oppose unfair legislation.
The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is a partnership of vehicle clubs and enthusiasts who unite to protect their hobby. With the support of 21,000-plus car clubs, more than 60,000 individual contacts and 217-plus publications, the SAN has an estimated reach of 36 million enthusiasts in the United States and Canada.
The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is a nationwide partnership between enthusiasts, vehicle clubs and members of the automotive specialty-equipment industry who have joined forces to promote hobby-friendly legislation and oppose unfair legislation. With more than 60,000 individual members from all 50 states and Canada, the SAN is the premier organization defending the rights of vehicle enthusiasts—the same enthusiasts who comprise the United States and Canadian customers who drive industry sales. The SAN has a proven record for achieving legislative successes through its members’ passionate response to the hundreds of federal and state bills each year that directly affect all aspects of the automotive hobby, including the ability to purchase, install and operate vehicles with aftermarket parts.

The SAN reaches out to millions of enthusiasts through regular action alerts, informative ads in magazines, websites, Internet forums, social media sites and its own monthly newsletter, Driving Force. In its 15-year history, the effect of the SAN on shaping government policy has been enormous. Among other successes, the SAN has successfully:

  • Enacted registration and titling laws in 22 states for street rods and custom vehicles (including kit cars and replicas).
  • Protected classic vehicles waiting to be restored on private property from confiscation.
  • Safeguarded legal off-road nitrous-oxide use with SAN-model legislation.
  • Defended enthusiasts’ rights to use more durable aftermarket exhaust systems.
  • Junked state-level “Cash for Clunkers” legislation.
  • Enacted legislation to lower taxes and fees for hobbyist vehicles.

The current economic and legislative environment is emboldening governments to become more aggressive with their anti-auto-hobby legislation. States are seeking new avenues for generating revenue and new ways of dictating what you can and cannot do with your vehicles. The message government is sending is clear: The hobby and industry need the SAN now more than ever. Enlist in this fellowship of auto enthusiasts and automotive specialty-equipment industry members by joining the SAN free of charge at

“Thanks to the SEMA Action Network for all you do to help our hobby (or obsession, as the case may be!).”

—Joey Warren,
Waynesville, North Carolina

“Keep up the great work, SAN! I’ll be registering my ’71 GMC truck as a vintage vehicle thanks to a bill you supported! Thanks for keeping us informed.”

—Jonathan McCullough
West Point, Utah

“You at SAN do a great service for all of us ‘car people!’ Please keep up the great work keeping this hobby and passion alive.”

—Adam Swann-Sternberg
Scarsdale, New York

“We all have to work hard to protect our hobby. It’s our American heritage!”

—Chuck Vollmer
Lampe, Missouri

“This is a great organization that needs our support.”

—Gene Casey
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

“Thanks for your work. I work on old sports cars and rods, and we need SAN so that all of us gearheads will be able to continue in the future.”

—David Eudy
Midland, North Carolina

“Every day, new laws are enacted unjustly. SEMA Action Network is here to keep our hobby alive.”

—Jerry Malkes
Hewlett, New York

“Dagmar, the world famous Indiana Bad Cad, wears her SEMA Action Network sticker with pride! Thanks for all you do for the hobby!”

—Alan Stroh
Martinsville, Indiana

“What motorhead doesn’t love the SEMA Action Network?”

—Brian Gleason
Troutman, North Carolina

“Thank you from your Canadian

—William Armstrong
British Columbia, Canada


“Thanks for the support of auto hobbyists. Without it, I am sure that the government would eliminate the hobby altogether.”

—Larry Hearold 
Leominster, Massachusetts

“I’m happy we have a great organization like the SEMA
Action Network supporting the car hobby as well as keeping
our ‘collectible’ cars on the road and the politicians out of our
hair! Thank you for all your work and efforts!”

—Phillip L Kolter
Franklin, Wisconsin

“Thanks for all your work to keep our cars on the street and letting us enjoy our hobby!”

—Bruce and Linda Hoffmann
Weeki Wachee, Florida

“I’m working on an ’84 Z28, and it’s good to know that, thanks
to the SEMA Action Network, I’ll still be able to register and
drive it!”

—Charles E. Herr
Buffalo, New York

“Having been into musclecars since 1967, it’s in my blood,
and we need organizations like the SEMA Action Network to keep the non-car-guy legislators at bay. These guys don’t see old cars the way we do and could care less. Thanks for your help.”

—Keith Tedford
Ontario, Canada

“Thanks very much for the great job you guys do for all of us.”

—Lance Stander
Irvine, California

“I’ve been a car guy all my life. Thanks for keeping the Washington bureaucrats at bay so we can continue to enjoy our rides.”

—Daniel Schoenecker
Elm Grove, Wisconsin

“Love this organization and what it does. Keep up the great work!”

—Jerry T. Kendall
St. Petersburg, Florida

“All you car guys and girls, join the SEMA Action Network! It is a great organization!”

—Ron Kopanski
Chicago, Illinois

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