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’13 Mustang GT500


Cadillac SRX Plug-IN

An official release date for the ’13 Mustang GT500 has not been announced  
An official release date for the ’13 Mustang GT500 has not been announced

When It Hits: An official release date for the ’13 Mustang GT500 has not been announced.

What Priddy Says: While the current GT500 packs 550 hp, there are rumors suggesting that the ’13 model will have somewhere between 600 and 625. How Ford intends to do that is still a bit of a mystery, but Priddy has heard that it could be anything from a twin-turbo version of the 5.0L V8 to a 5.8L V8 with a larger supercharger.

  When It Hits: Look for more details to surface as the Los Angeles Auto Show approaches in November.

What Priddy Says: The technical details are slim at this point; however, the SRX should sport some adaptation of the Chevy Volt powertrain. When speaking about the Volt powertrain during a March interview, a GM engineer was quoted as saying, “We’ve got another plug-in coming, the SRX, which is the same basic technology.”
Mini Cooper Coupe   '12 GMC Denali
When It Hits: Debuts later this year.

What Priddy Says: This production model doesn’t vary much from the Coupe Concept that debuted at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, carrying a steeply raked windshield, a very abrupt greenhouse and a retractable spoiler hidden beneath the camouflage. Under the hood should be the 208hp, 1.6L turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and a smaller gasoline or diesel engine should be offered on the regular model as well.
  When It Hits: No details were available at press time regarding when the ’12 GMC Denali will begin production.

What Priddy Says:
The Denali-style grille up front will most likely be chrome once this vehicle starts production. In back, there are new square chrome exhaust tips, and the visible holes along the rocker panels are a good indication of where Denali-specific trim will be installed.

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