SEMA News - February 2011

  SEMA News-February 2011-Chris Kersting-New Products 
This issue of SEMA News continues our tradition of highlighting the great new products our manufacturers unleashed at the SEMA Show. Through SEMA News, the SEMA website and a variety of other media outlets, we amplify and carry forward one of the Show’s primary value propositions: creating high-level awareness for the industry’s innovative and trendsetting new products.

Even before the SEMA Show opens, the items that are entered in the New Products Showcase are photographed and processed for dissemination to media all over the world. As the Show progresses, the images and accompanying descriptions and contact information are uploaded to our adjunct site. The images and manufacturer data are housed there throughout the year for use by members of the media, retailers and consumers who wish to find the very latest in creative and practical parts and accessories.

In addition, buyers and media at the SEMA Show are provided with electronic UPC readers that allow them to quickly scan product identification codes as they survey the new-product display cases. At the conclusion of their visit to the New Products Showcase, they may either take delivery of hard-copy printouts or have information and photos of their selections e-mailed directly to a home or office address. Media outlets of every description rely upon these resources to not only populate their buyers’ guides for their specific audiences, but also as the genesis of ideas for technical and how-to stories during the year.

This issue of SEMA News highlights the tremendous breadth of offerings from the wheel and tire side of the industry. In the coming months, we will focus on mobile electronics and technology, racing and performance, trucks, SUVs and off-road, the hot-rod marketplace, restyling, car care and the restoration segments of the industry. As each issue of SEMA News goes out to the industry, the pages are simultaneously posted to the SEMA website as well as, providing another access point for information about the products and the companies that produce them. As this issue was going to press, SEMA staff was producing a series of videos of the new products, employing the latest technology to link the videos to company listings at

This issue also features an update of our collaboration initiative with the Tire Industry Association (TIA) and tire industry member companies. One year ago, the two trade associations launched efforts to establish a stronger home for the tire industry’s annual trade show and educational conference. Since that time, SEMA and TIA launched the Global Tire Expo (GTE)—Powered by TIA, the tire industry’s “Show Within the Show.” The new GTE now features branding, marketing efforts and a tires-only GTE section, around which the industry and the associations can develop stronger value for exhibitors and attendees alike. SEMA and TIA also undertook extensive and specialized marketing efforts aimed at tire retail/buyer attendees, focusing on bringing new buyers to the Show. The associations worked to provide a more valuable and expanded educational conference, establishing the GTE as a strong resource for professional development and education. Other important advances included establishing seats for TIA representatives on the SEMA Show Committee as well as on the Wheel & Tire Council (WTC). The industry response to these efforts was very positive at this past November’s Show, and the associations have already begun meetings with tire industry representatives to build on this success to create even more value for 2011.

The SEMA/TIA work in creating the Global Tire Expo is just one example of our unceasing effort to provide maximum exposure for the industry’s vast array of automotive specialty-equipment products. Follow along over the next few issues as we bring each segment’s important innovations and new products to these pages.

—Chris Kersting, SEMA President and CEO

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