SEMA News—February 2011

By Linda Spencer

International Journalists Identify New Products Showcase Winners

  SEMA News-February 2011-Global Media Award Winners-2011 SEMA Show
SEMA Vice President of Communications and Events Peter MacGillivray (third from the left) poses with representatives from Compton, California-based Pro Comp/Smittybilt at the 2010 SEMA Show International Happy Hour. Company President Sean Angues (pictured holding one of five Global Media Awards the company won at this year’s Show), commented that “the Jeep has been a great platform for us and, more importantly, the entire off-road category has been a great foundation for us to serve the international community.”  
The seventh annual Global Media Awards program found 150 companies being recognized by an international panel of automotive journalists at the 2010 SEMA Show. Twenty-four of the top automotive journalists hailing from 15 important world markets for specialty products rolled up their sleeves, and each selected 10 products from the New Products Showcase that they thought would most appeal to consumers in their home markets. We talked to some of the winners about being selected, their overseas sales plans and how important these established and emerging markets are for their bottom lines.

“I was ecstatic!” said Jim Stangle, automotive sales channel leader for Malco Marketing Services. The first-time exhibitor won two Global Media Awards by journalists from Norway and Russia. “Our metal-cutting TurboShear Drill Attachment is an amazing product, and our booth traffic at the SEMA Show was everything we could hope for, but Malco Products is still new to the automotive aftermarket. As a first-time SEMA exhibitor, for our product to be singled out from among the thousands of new products at the Show and recognized with two Global Media Awards was just amazing. Our growth strategy for the past dozen years has included an emphasis on export sales. We have been pursuing markets in Norway and the other Scandinavian countries for a long time now. Export sales to Russia are a more recent development. And, of course, we want to develop all of our target markets in these countries. We will certainly incorporate SEMA’s Global Media Award recognition of the Malco TurboShear into promotional campaigns directed to both domestic and international automotive markets. New-product development is the lifeblood of our company, and we plan to be generating more product solutions for auto body repair and restoration professionals in 2011.”

  SEMA News-February 2011-Global Media Awards-Chris Figdore from GMA winner Speed Dawg Racing & Hot Rod Gear for their Von Hot Rod Signature Shift Knob
From left: Chris Figdore from GMA winner Speed Dawg Racing & Hot Rod Gear for their Von Hot Rod Signature Shift Knob; the Brazilian journalist who selected their product, Miguel Ricardo Puerta of the Brazil-based magazines Carstereo/Hot Rods/Super Speed Magazines, and Von Hot Rod who created the pinstripe artwork for the shift knob. Noted Figdore on his response to receiving the award: “I was stunned and thrilled at the same time. As a second-year exhibitor, it took some time for me to comprehend just how significant this award really is. The SEMA Global Media logo is now displayed on our website homepage and anywhere that the Von Hot Rod Signature Shift Knob is displayed both physically and electronically.” He added that they received a number of inquiries regarding international distribution at the Show and after talking with the journalist who selected their product, they will “definitely look for opportunities to establish a presence in the region.”   
“The Comp Group currently manufactures products mostly for the domestic U.S. market,” said Scooter Brothers of the Comp Performance Group. “However, U.S. vehicles are finding their way into emerging markets and are thus creating exciting possibilities for us. The Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and some of South America are already good markets. The emergence of ‘world platforms’ by the OEs makes it much easier to enter these markets. The fact that Comp Group and its products were recognized by this international group is quite humbling, and we greatly appreciate the honor.”

Local Motors won three Global Media Awards this year from journalists in Honduras, Mexico and Spain. Ariel Ferreira commented on the experience of his company being selected by overseas journalists and how they intend to capitalize on the win.

“The SEMA Show is a rush of excitement and potential, and these awards add to it. We have long planned expansion overseas, and these awards have reminded us that we have three major potential markets for consideration.”

The following are the selections of some of the international judges and why they believe the products fit their home countries.

Australia/New Zealand:


Trent Nokolic, Overlander 4WD Magazine

  • EGR Inc., Fender Flare Point-of-Purchase Display—“I thought this was a really eye-catching display. Often in the off-road market, there’s a tendency for merchandise to look boring. This is a great example of why it shouldn’t.”
  • Invis-A-Rack LLC, Invis-A-Rack“The utility and truck market in Australia is massive for both work and play. This product is a quality, innovative solution to otherwise ugly-looking rack systems. If the guys can get it to Australia, it will definitely be popular.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt, No Seize No Loss Caps“This product is perfect for the serious off-roader who needs to set their tire pressure and have it stay there. Perfect for remote off-road travel, too.”
  • Braille Battery, Intensity 480R 10-lb. Group 48 Lithium Carbon-Fiber OEM Performance Replacement Battery“Brilliant lightweight battery. An example of why batteries don’t need to be ugly, heavy and annoying. This product has a multitude of benefits, namely the smaller and lighter features that mean you can mount it almost anywhere for any application.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt, Pick It Up Bag“Another innovative product that I think would work well in the Australian market.”
  • Willpak Industries Inc., Touchless Car Cover“Off-roaders care about their trucks too, and I think this product is excellent for instances where you need to cover your vehicle up in the best and safest possible way.”
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Discoverer S/T Maxx“Cooper tires are among the most respected in the off-road market in Australia, and this new product is set to continue that tradition. Excellent construction and tread pattern will mean that it performs extremely well off-road.”
  • Bubba Rope, Bubba Rope“This product is an innovative solution to a common off-road problem. Would be a hit in Australia for sure.”
  • Rancho/Dynomax, Multi Shock Carton“Rancho’s products are always of the highest quality, and this shock looks to be the same. Another product that would be well-received in Australia.”
  • Warn Industries, 9.5-cti Electric Winch“Warn winches are among the first choices for any off-roader in Australia due to their strength, quality and longevity. This product is another sturdy release from Warn that looks to be as good as you’d expect.”

New Zealand

Alastair Ritchie, Street Machine

  • AAC, The Filler Detective“New Zealand is not large enough to support a standalone auto manufacturing industry, so it relies on a constant stream of imported second-hand vehicles catering to people who cannot purchase new products. A product like this could help people to detect damaged vehicles at all levels from overseas and local dealers through to the end user.”
  • Anderson Art Works, Illuma-FX“New Zealand has a strong tuner culture, and a product as unique and easy to apply as this would add a simple, new detail element for tuners within the import, muscle, off-road and custom motorcycle arenas.”

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    Snow Performance, Stage-3 Camaro ’09-plus
    “Ford and Holden Australia sell vast numbers to the V8 and turbo six-cylinder Falcon and Commodore products on both sides of the Tasman Sea. This product not only is applicable to the Camaro, but can also be fitted to any modern injected vehicle, including the local Falcon and Commodore products. This application would dovetail well into these performance-based tuner markets, especially over the
    summer months.”
  • Snow Performance, SI-Pro“This add-on system to the Snow Performance water-methanol injection tells the vehicle’s aftermarket ECU when the injection is present. This allows for the system to be tuned to suit the injection parameters.”
  • BorgWarner Turbo Systems, Series EFR“Turbo systems are very popular power adders in the tuner market in New Zealand, and finally the second-largest OEM turbo manufacturer in the world has released an aftermarket line combining outstanding efficiency and dual ceramic ball-bearing technology with an ultralight compressor wheel. The result is an exciting, new record-breaking product.”
  • ChaseCam, Diva HD“This new product is an all-in-one hands-free, multi-lens HD video camera system, complete with playback screen, data recorder and GPS logging all packaged in a rugged unit. This application would cater to the well-funded road and rally racer looking to log data for performance and media-based applications.”
  • BD Diesel Performance, Big Daddy Race Turbo/Diverter Valve“New Zealand has a number of large turbocharger applications across the tuner market from drag and road racing to performance 4WD. This product has established
    a unique yet simple way to overcome the renowned turbo lag from large single-turbo applications.”
  • Willpak Industries Inc., Touchless Car Cover“The New Zealand climate is rather unpredictable, with variable humidity in the summer, creating issues for people storing vehicles with regular form-fitting car covers. This product is essentially a compact, collapsible tent for a car. It doesn’t actually touch the paint, so it allows a car to remain mold- and dust-free all year around.”
  • Hella Inc., Rallye 4000 LED“New Zealand’s racing and off-road fraternities have been using the ever impressive Hella Rally 4000 HID product for many years, so for Hella to release a new LED version, it would be for a good reason. Less heat, less power consumption and no requirement for bulb replacement are all features to ensure this new product will reset the bar once again.”
  • Turbosmart USA, Comp-Gate40“New Zealand’s active turbocharging market has a very broad range of applications, from small-capacity engines to motorcycles and even jet-ski watercraft. Turbosmart has produced a unique, bolt-less external wastegate design that is well suited to the above space-restricted applications. “

The Americas: Brazil

Eduardo Bernasconi, Fullpower

  • Turbosmart USA, Comp-Gate40“A revolutionary external wastegate with a bolt-less actuator housing, making it ideal for tight, space-restricted engine bays. In our market, the most respected wastegate is Tial. I think we have enough room to get Turbosmart ones, especially for our huge compact car market.”
  • Tesla Electronics Inc., G-Tech/Pro Fanatic Precision Series“Brazilians are G-Tech fans. We don’t have the new one. And we must have it fast. I don’t know if there is a representative in Brazil, but I’d suggest that.”
  • Rancho/Dynomax, VT Table Top Display“Now that Brazilians will need to get their cars working and running great because of an official inspection, it will be a tool to help enthusiasts know about the exhaust system.”
  • Spectre Performance, LS Musclecar Intake“Chevrolet is launching the Camaro officially in Brazil. Before that, it was sold by independent dealers. So it is a good opportunity to bring the cold-air intake.”
  • American Force Wheels, 24x8.25 Direct Bolt-On Chase Dually Wheel“We don’t have such a product in Brazil. Big-truck owners have no choice in custom wheels. It won’t be a high-volume product, but it will sell.”

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    Marshall Instruments, ‘60s Muscle Gauge Set
    “The market for old cars is growing here. And a special part, such as this one, is not in production around Brazil.”
  • Auto Meter Products, Prestige Beige“The old-car market is getting bigger in our country. Builders and owners need these products; we don’t have anything like it.”
  • Brembo North America Inc., GT-R Brake System“Brakes are always an issue in Brazil. We still don’t have a brand that produces high volume in a high-performance system. People who want it must wait to get it done and use what we already have. Brembo is well known and already tried to get here, but nobody can buy something direct from them.”
  • Lawson Industries Inc., QwikCat Spun Converter Box“The Brazilian market simply doesn’t have a high-flow catalytic converter. With the new inspection, it will be a great part to install and keep low emissions.”
  • Prosport Gauges Inc., Evo Series Gauges“The most popular gauge line is from Auto Meter. This is a different and beautiful one that could get some sales down here.”

Miguel Ricardo Puerta, Crazy Turkey Editora

  • Sondpex Electronics, Sondpex 7“In Brazil, it is the ‘in thing.’ Customizing shops are selling these products like hot cakes. Brazilians enjoy the technology involved in one product where you can access different entertainment.”
  • NextBase-USA, Click 7 Duo Deluxe 7-in. Portable DVD Players for Cars“The idea of adding on or removing so fast and easily captured my attention. Children can be distracted during that long drive. Once you’ve arrived, you can remove and store it for the next use.”
  • Auto Meter Products, Prestige Beige“Chosen because of its beauty and, of course, Brazil’s hot rodders would enjoy this product.”
  • Velocity Wheels, U2-55“I believe these wheels fit in Brazil’s style of wheels.”
  • Shutt Auto, Si Shift Knob“Because of its style of shifting and its beauty. I find it very useful because Brazilians shift gears quite often.”
  • AAC Car Cover Inc., 3D Covers“This idea is great because its originality and interesting themes would integrate very easily in Brazil’s market. Brazil is a fun and tropical country, and you can protect and cover your vehicle in a fun way.”
  • Air Runner, Prius TC-5 Air Suspension“Given the facility and comfort at a finger’s touch, the driver has five options in height for best comfort and vehicle’s good looks. Customizers will love it.”

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    Rosen Entertainment Systems, AV7700 Seatback Entertainment System
    “Keeping in mind children’s constant complaining during long trips, this product will entertain them for hours playing games or watching DVDs.”
  • Speed Dawg Racing, Von Hot Rod Signature Shift Knob“Excellent style and design for hot rods.”
  • IForged Performance Alloys/Forgestar Wheels, Forgestar CF5“Brazil’s market will eat up this style of wheels very easily.”


Dave Pankew, Performance Auto & Sound Magazine

  • SPC Performance/Light Racing, Subaru Impreza Rear Arm and Toe Link“As the trend to get low with crazy offsets continues, SPC is one of those companies that makes all of those niche products missing in the market and provides an alternative to rarely in-stock Japanese products.”
  • Hypertech Inc., Max Energy Sport Power Programmer“Hypertech’s Max Energy Programmer is a quick and easy way to extract the most out of your late-model car. What we like about the Max Energy is that Hypertech aims to make more power and drivability across the rpm range as well as make modifications work to their highest potential.”
  • KW Automotive North America, ST Suspensions BMW E90 3 Series Coilover“Having installed, tuned and driven this coilover on the race track, I can say this coilover is light years ahead of stock and is one of the top performers on the market. The BMW 335i was like a completely different car running KWs yet still was livable on the street.”
  • NRG Innovations, Gen 3 Quick Release“NRG basically owns this market with high-quality and low-cost quick releases. The latest model looks great, and I might even replace my version 2.5 with it!”
  • Whiteline Automotive, KBR21-22 Subaru Impreza WRX/STI (GC-GD) Heavy-Duty Sway Bar Mount Support“When it comes to complete vehicle suspension upgrades, Whiteline has more products than any other company offers. Just add coilovers, and tear it up.”

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    ACT, Advanced Clutch Technology, T1RR-H01
    “If you have been in the sport-compact game for a while, you have probably owned an ACT clutch at some point. ACT is raising the bar with their new multi-plates for high-horsepower applications.”
  • SPEC Clutches & Flywheels, Super Carbon Clutch and Flywheel Assembly“You don’t always have to order from Japan when it comes to multi-plate clutches, because SPEC multi-plates are made in the U.S.A. Since I run one in my Skyline GT-R that makes more than 600 hp at the crank, I know it can handle the beatings.”
  • GoPro, 3D Camera System“GoPro has stormed the motorsports camera market and continues to expand. Now with 3D technology, they have shown the market how HD video will be captured in the future.”
  • Tenzo Racing Sports/DeModa Concepts, Tenzo Nueve“We have always liked the Tenzo R style of wheels. They are affordable upgrades to enhance the look of your ride, and the Nueve is another hit.”
  • Enkei Wheels, Enkei92“Yes! Finally Enkei is getting with the trends and realizing that everything old is new again. The Enkei92 was on a classic Fairlady Z that drew a lot of attention.”


Angel Alcala, Supercar

  • Turbosmart USA, Comp-Gate40“With its super-compact design and intelligent flow system, this is a very attractive and innovative product. The use of turbo has given excellent results and is the answer to the driver’s needs for use on the streets as well as trails, along with intelligent fuel savings.”
  • QA1 Motorsports, Wireless Remote Adjust System“This product was very practical and functional to me, with so many position options offering the possibility for the driver to adapt the operation of the vehicle however he or she wants. It has many combinations to satisfy every driver and use. In fact, this product is very much needed in the Latin American market. Here in Mexico, people visit many different types of roads in a single trip.”
  • Rancho/Dynomax, VT Table Top Display“This valve system is indispensable for every racing purpose. It simply takes advantage of the maximum properties of the motor. The display seemed practical, illustrative and attractive.”
  • Procomp Electronics, TK-10301 Turnkey EFI Small-Block Ford Kit-Stage 1“In Mexico City, there are many restrictions about the on-road daily use of old cars, but if you present a more efficient car, you can receive special permission from the government and a special classic-car plate. With this special license plate, the car can be driven without restrictions. I think this product is convenient and efficient.”
  • Bilstein Shock Absorbers, 60mm Mono Tube HD Shock Absorber-Freightliner Trucks“This product seems extremely strong, practical and resistant, and this brand in particular has also been characterized by high performance, durability and aesthetics. This product could be very well received in the Mexican market; pickups are very popular throughout the country and are used for very tough work.”
  • AFCO/Dynatech, ’11 Mustang Long-Tube Header System“This product was made for performance lovers. It can greatly increase the power of the Mustang V8 motor, allowing a greater advantage to the fabulous motor with great durability. I like the design resolution also. It will be welcome in the Mexican market and on all the versions of the Mustang.”
  • ProCharger, Intercooled Stage II System for 6.1 Dodge Hemi Challenger“The Charger is a widely used model in Mexico by the federal police and security companies. I believe that they will sell a lot in this market. The addition of power and ease of installation seemed very convenient and attractive to me.”
  • Local Motors, Rally Fighter“It seems like a beautiful, very attractive and stimulating design, beyond the accessibility in price and apparent construction. I loved it.”
  • Edge Products, Insight CS Kit“Innovative and very practical, it has all the possibilities of reading in the palm of your hand with immediate and exact access. It is an indispensable tool for every vehicle and driver. This type of product is very well received in the Mexican market.”
  • GoPoint Technology, GL2“In every pocket is an iPod or iPad, so to adapt this type of software as a tool is so easy, practical and portable; I believe it is a success. Technologically connectable. It seemed very innovative.”

Daniel Garcia Solis, V8 Musclecars

  • B&M Racing and Performance Products, Hurst HardDrive Stick“This product is interesting to me, as in Mexico there are many restorers that make innovative changes to musclecars. It’s a modern Hurst gear lever and provides the car with a classic yet new touch.”
  • Metal Rescue T Rust Remover Bath, Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath“A great product, in my opinion. You can remove rust from any metal part without hard work. Many old parts can get a new look with this product. I loved it, and I bet it’s got a good market in Mexico.”



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    MagnaFlow Exhaust Products, Glass Pack Display
    “I’ve always liked Magnaflow products; they are good quality and always at the forefront of new ideas. Many use this brand, and I think every new Magnaflow product should be publicized.”
  • Coker Tire, Excelsior Stahl Sport“People who are restoring old trucks are always looking for sources to get new parts. They will surely find this type of addition very attractive, as it certainly provides a better look for their truck.”
  • QuietRide Solutions, GM G-Body Firewall Insulator“This insulation is needed in our country. There are other brands available, but they are very expensive. A product with these characteristics could benefit competition in our market, and it is simply a ‘must’ if you are looking for
    noise reduction.”
  • Ascend Industries Inc., Diamond Step Bar with LED Lights“Placing LED lights in this part of the truck is indeed a very original idea. It’s definitely helpful at night and in preventing damage to the truck. I don’t know of a similar product on the Mexican market.”
  • Marshall Instruments, ‘60s Muscle Gauge Set“This type of indicator is very popular among restorers of hot-rod and street-rod cars. I think there is a demand for this kind of product in Mexico among people who take their vehicles to car shows.Adding modern indicators would no doubt provide a distinctive look to their restored vehicles.”
  • Drake Automotive Group, ’65–’67 Classic Ford Mustang Lighted Corral Pony—(PN C5ZZ-8213-LED)—“This may be a very innovative product among Ford Mustang fans in Mexico, enhancing the appearance of the pony. I like the idea of highlighting the pony feature on the Mustang grille. Many Mustang aficionados will use it on their cars.”
  • Got2bwireless, Got2bwireless“I was delighted to see this electronic piece. Nowadays, the use of cell phones while driving is restricted in Mexico, so people are texting, which is even more dangerous than talking on the phone. With this device, text messaging is possible via voice activation. I find it an excellent product for the Mexican market.”
  • Slime, Power Spair“A product that will never become obsolete in your car and one that can get you out of a road emergency. It can be used for various types of tires, so I think it would have a good market to explore in Mexico.”


Henry Pierini, AutoZulia

  • Orange Electronic Co. Ltd., TPMS+GPS Integration“Tires are one of the most important components on a vehicle, because they are in direct contact with the road. Keeping the correct tire air-pressure levels provides an assurance of higher durability and improved car safety when braking on wet or slippery roads and on long trips. Economy and security are important in Latin America. That is why this system, which allows you to monitor tires, is so convenient. It extends tire life by making sure that they are properly inflated and improves fuel economy as well. Similarly, the built-in GPS is a perfect complement to guide you on the road. Two systems that fit any category of car and that add an electronic component are usually found in high-performance cars.
  • Edge Products, Insight CTS Kit“I think this product is great, as monitoring engine performance is something all of us tuning fans are grateful for. Having full engine data, such as levels, performance in kilometers acceleration times, is excellent. Furthermore, having add-on products, such as a rear camera, is not only a great help for parking maneuvers, but also a state-of-the-art feature.”
  • Ascend Industries Inc., Diamond Step Bar With LED Lights“When customizing a car, aesthetics come first. These stops, or ‘eestribos’ as we call them in Venezuela, provide a classy finish that improves the appearance of any truck they are on. The lighting feature is the ultimate detail of this decorative part. When it comes to cars, Latin Americans want to highlight and differentiate themselves, so I’m convinced that this product can make the difference.”
    Couplemate, SUV Step
    “This adds another use to the trailer hitch. This harmonious, superbly designed product is used to easily get up on the truck bed or even onto the roof of an SUV to secure luggage. This type of product is very popular in Venezuela. It is simple but functional and helps to make better use of your truck while adding an important stylish element.”
  • Creepex, Body Guard“When you think about improving a garage, you rarely consider a low-profile creeper, such as the ones used by mechanics. It’s a great thing that there is a products like this, that is designed to provide a comfortable support to someone working under the car—a product that is ergonomic, minimizes back problems and serves as a neck support to work more comfortably. Many people in Venezuela do maintenance on their cars in their own homes. For them, this product will be very convenient.”
  • ChempChamp, Stainless Spraygun Cleaner“I find this tool-cleaning station excellent. It also has a treatment system for recycling solvents and products used for cleaning tools. I think this is not only a sanitary and functional product, but also one that helps you save money in the car repair shop.”
  • Go Industries Inc., Quad-Guard“This bumper reinforcement provides a more rugged look and unique style to trucks. What I like best is that it is so easy to install. In addition, it has an elegant but strong finish, adding a rugged yet tasteful appearance to the truck.”
  • Kinetik, KHC1800“Customizing cars is very common these days. And one of the most important aspects is the installation of a good audio system that complements the rest of the vehicle. As this system draws a lot of energy, it is important to have a product like this—a powerful but compact and lightweight battery that provides the necessary power without compromising other electric systems in the car.”
  • Got2bwireless, Got2bwireless“This accessory extends all communication options that most cars have. I think it is a great addition—a complete solution if you want to use hands-free equipment to control the stereo and to access the world and the most important social networks over the Internet from your car. It is great for checking voicemail and sending text messages safely without taking your eyes off the road.”

Europe: France

Gerry Blyenberg, ProRider

  • B&M Racing and Performance Products, Hurst HardDrive Stick“Just a very sexy part with ‘60s/‘70s spirit.”
  • Auto Meter Products, Prestige Black“Really nice quality part that we can use on every different car scene.”
  • Meguiar’s Inc., Ultimate Liquid and Paste Waxes“I tested that new liquid in Europe. It’s amazing. We can use it anywhere.”
  • Holley Performance Products, Aluminum HP Series Race Carburetor“Really beautiful and performing carb (can be used for racing and for show cars).”
  • Billet Specialties Inc., Billet Deck Lid Hinge/Draft Billet Steering Wheel/ Impact Road Wheel“As a designer and a hot-rod fan, I can’t live without Billet Specialties. They have been in the tuning scene for a couple of years in Europe.”
  • March Performance Products, Protrack Air Cleaner“How to put clean air with class in your engine! Really nice ‘new-stalgia’ air cleaner.”
  • Lokar Performance Products, Billet-Aluminum Direct Fit Brake and Clutch Pedal Arms“Beautiful product. A safe piece of art.”
  • Marquez Design, ’66–’67 Nova Taillight“I’m a Nova guy. It’s a really cool product.”


Frank Mundus, Chrom & Flammen

  • ETL-Secure Logic, Secure Logic eZVault“The eZVault really helps to store smaller valuable items such as sunglasses, radio front plates and mobile sat navs, when you briefly leave the car. With the eZVault, you don’t have to put all those bits in the trunk when you go to the shops, for example. Especially for convertible owners, that’s a big convenience plus.”
  • Energy Suspension, 350Z/G35 Hyperflex Polyurethane Master Bushing Set“Poly bushings can really help to sharpen a car’s handling, so a comprehensive bushing kit is always a very welcome upgrade option. As the 350Z is relatively popular (for a sports car) in Germany and Europe, I would guess there are quite a few people who will like this product. I just wish there was a set for my type of car available too!”
  • BrakeQuip, Stainless Brake Hose“Stainless brake hoses are always a great addition to a car’s brake system. The pressure builds up faster, and the pressure point gets more defined. A relatively small investment with astonishing results. The big plus of the BrakeQuip lines is that they are DOT-approved, which should help get them approved by the German TÜV also. This is a very important point, as safety-critical parts cannot be legally changed without TÜV approval.”
    Paramount Restyling, Challenger Billet Grille
    “The new musclecars, such as Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers, have a small but loyal following. The sporty coupes are the most popular types of American cars in Europe, along with the Corvette. Many of these models’ owners are very interested in giving their cars an even more personal appearance, and most of them are willing to purchase high-quality appearance mods, even if those products come at a considerable price premium. The billet grille for the Challenger gives the front of the car a custom-made look and makes it look even more classy as the finely machined metal replaces the simpler plastic of the original grille.”
  • Retro USA Inc., Styling Kit–’08–’10 Challenger“As already explained, the modern musclecars are relatively popular in Europe too, and most of the owners are seeking to further individualize their cars. The retro styling kits are a nice and quite easy way to make the new musclecars resemble their famous ancestors even more. The Challenger kit suits the car exceptionally well, and the set for the Mustang isn’t bad either.”
  • Prothane Products, Six Shooter Drive Line Coupler“Products that can reduce noise/vibration/harshness are often a great improvement over the OEM parts. Especially for powerful cars that may feature additional power enhancements, those more precisely balanced and longer-lasting parts are a worthwhile alternative to an OEM rubber part. Tuners and racers will be interested in this product.”
  • Trufiber, ’10–Up Mustang Carbon-Fiber Engine Cover“Carbon-fiber parts are always popular, as they give a high-tech racing look. Aside from that, the structure of the material is just nice to look at. This part is even cooler than the new Mustang 5.0’s OEM engine cover, which isn’t half bad to begin with. This product should be no problem to install, so making a Mustang’s engine bay look different from all the other Mustangs at the meeting is easy.”
  • Drake Automotive Group, ’08–Up Dodge Challenger Fuel Door, Satin—(PN MO-21001-S)—“A nice little touch for the Challenger. The original fuel door is sweet, but this billet part just has that more solid appearance and helps distinguish one’s Challenger from others. That extra bit of motorsport-like styling always helps too.”
  • Meguiar’s Inc., Deep Crystal Coating“The Meguiar’s brand is very popular in Germany, especially with tuners and customizers. A protectant that lasts longer than traditional wax would probably be received very well for use on daily-driver cars. The good standing of the Meguiar’s brand name in Europe will help to make this product popular quickly. This is a huge advantage for the brand, as competitors who offer similar coatings, such as Zaino, are not very widely known in Europe.”
  • Tesla Electronics Inc., G-Tech/Pro Fanatic Precision Series“For many people who tune their cars or get tuning work done at a shop, electronic performance meters are a quick and easy way to check if the work on their cars has yielded the anticipated results. In addition to those tasks, the new G-Tech Pro performance meter can help hobby racers and track-day attendees to evaluate their driving. As there are many people all over western Europe who come to Germany to drive on the Nürburgring during the summer months, it is quite obvious there will be a demand for the new G-Tech measuring tool. The G-Tech series is pretty well known in Germany and is, along with the more expensive Drift Box, the best known performance meter in Germany and Europe.”


Pål André Skogen, Vi Menn Bil

    Auto Meter won six Global Media Awards—the highest number of any company—at this year’s Show. Noted Norwegian journalist Pål André Skogen of Vi Menn Bil, who had selected the product pictured above—Auto Meter’s Prestige Black—explained why he did so. “We have a big classic car scene, and these instruments seem to fit nicely in restored cars that want some modern technology.” Further illustrating the appeal of Auto Meter’s products, journalists from France, Spain, Brazil and Canada also chose the firm’s products as being particularly suited for their markets.
    Auto Meter Products, Prestige Black
    “We have a big classic car scene, and these instruments seem to fit nicely in restored cars that want some modern technology.”
  • Tesla Electronics Inc., G-Tech/Pro Fanatic Precision Series“This is a great way for ordinary people to measure their cars’ accurately, and it is still relatively affordable. It’s also great for more professional users who need exact numbers on their tuned cars.”
  • Cobra Electronics, iRadar Detection System“We have very high speeding fines in Norway (20 mph above the limit on the freeway will give you a $1,000+ fine). This is a great way to conceal the box itself, which the police are not happy about, and still monitor it via your phone.”
  • GoPro, 3D Camera System“Three-D imaging has been inaccessible for most people. One of its best purposes, in my opinion, is action sports. This piece of equipment makes it easy to make 3D footage out of virtually any race, driving session or action sports event.”
  • Chicago Brand, Open-End Ratchet Wrench“All DIYers have been struggling to get that one bolt that’s wedged between something. As we have a lot of these people in Norway, I am certain that this is a product that would do well here.”
  • Rampage Products, GripTrack“The only word to describe why this would be good in Norway is snow. We have a lot of it, and a product that is easy to carry can get anyone out of a bad situation that could have been dramatic. A -25ºC temperature and loads of wind can be dangerous, and it’s important to get out quick.”
  • Parts Unlimited Inc. (P.U.I.), Platinum Edition Door Panels“Again, we have a great classic car community. These seem like a very good replacement for those times that it’s hard to get hold of original parts.”
  • BD Diesel Performance, Big Daddy Race Turbo/Diverter Valve“About 80% or 90% of the new cars sold here are diesel powered. This product will help those who have tuned their diesel cars heavily but do not want a twin-turbo setup.”
  • Quick Draw Store, Tire Detail Kit“This is easy to use, cheap and very practical. Salt is used through the winters to keep ice off the roads, and this also makes the tires gray quick. Most tire-detailing products will stain the rims, but this will prevent that from happening.”
  • Snow Performance, MPG-MAX VW TDI“VWs with TDI engines are very common, but diesel tuning products are not readily available. The most common tuning is power boxes.”

Espen Skogen, Bil Revyen

  • AAC, The Filler Detective“The Filler Detective is a fantastic product. Anyone dealing with classic or used cars in one way or another would find many uses for—at auctions, restoring cars, when buying a used car, the possibilities are endless. Great usability and a rugged design makes it easy to use, and the price isn’t bad either!”
  • Anderson Art Works, Illuma-FX“This was a no-brainer for me. The Illuma-FX is a perfect example of a product that gives the entire custom-car scene new opportunities. Everyone is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to customize their rides, and Illuma-FX is something new and fresh that I am sure many throughout the scene will embrace. I am absolutely sure we will see many creative uses of this product throughout the scene in the future.”
  • Coastal Marketing Inc., Full Contact Wrench“There are many different wrenches and designs on the market, but I think the full contact wrench from Coastal Marketing is one of the more innovative I have seen in a while. Great design, and it works well!”
  • Ingersoll Rand, Hammerhead“Another example of a well-known tool—in this case, the impact wrench—which is redesigned and suddenly finds a lot of new uses. The low profile and smart design of the Hammerhead made it an easy decision for me.”
    Malco Products Inc., TurboShearHD
    “It was the compact design of the TurboShearHD that made me choose this for a product award this year. Metal-cutting equipment is often bulky; not so with the TurboShearHD.”
  • Wobblin Wheel, Wobblin Wheel“Wow, what a fresh, new design! The Wobblin Wheel just made me stop dead in my tracks—and I have to say that doesn’t happen often when it comes to wheel designs. Definitely not a wheel for everyone, but on the right car, this will look amazing.”
  • BD Diesel Performance, Big Daddy Race Turbo/Diverter Valve“Great design to minimize turbo lag and spool up times on big turbos, which makes it possible to get the best from two worlds!”
  • Trailer-Lift, Trailer-Lift“In Norway, both rally-related events and track days are popular, and people are bringing all kinds of jacks and different means to get wheels changed and repairs done as quickly as possible. With the Trailer-Lift, all their problems are eliminated. They can get things done in a fraction of the time, and it even makes it possible for several friends to go together and share one Trailer-Lift.”
  • Rampage Products, GripTrack“Even though the GripTrack is designed to get you out of mud and wet grass, I am sure everyone can see the market potential in a country with several feet of snow for five or six months out of the year.”
  • Extreme Outback Products, No Seize No Loss Cap“Even though this product comes from the 4WD guys at Extreme Outback, it’s something everyone can use. The seal prevents deflation—even in the event of a core failure with the valve—while the strap keeps the cap in place when you inflate. I couldn’t count how many caps I’ve lost over the years. I have to say, I wish I had thought of this myself!”

United Kingdom

Tony Tobias, Racecar Engineering

  • Comp Performance, Comp Cams ’11 Ford DOHC 5.0L Coyote 4V V8 Integral Balance Camshafts“This is an exceptionally well-engineered product, designed and made available for an important sector of the high-performance market.”
  • MSD Ignition, Digital 6AL“MSD is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance ignition systems. This is a compact and high-spec digital system at an affordable price.
  • JE Pistons, SRP Professional Pistons for Chevy LS Engines“This JE piston offers a low-cost option to improve performance without sacrificing dependability. Manufactured to the usual JE high-spec standards, nothing is compromised.”
  • Race Ramps/Brute Ind., Hook-Nosed Rack Ramps (RR-RACK-HN14-5)—The best new product at the SEMA Show. A must for every racer, it will be the best-selling product of 2011.”
  • Comp Performance Group, Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum XD Rocker Arms“Beautifully engineered rockers at a realistic price.”
  • Braille Battery, Micro-Lite ML7S 2-Pound Lithium Performance Starting Battery“Possibly the finest lightweight battery in the world. Engineered to aerospace specifications. Racing teams demanding the best will find it with this
    superb battery.”
  • Mahle Motorsports, Ford 5.0L Modular PowerPak“A new product from Mahle, a company whose reputation for quality and innovation are unsurpassed.”
  • ARP Inc., Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant“ARP knows the fastener business inside out. This new product addresses all the problems associated with assembly situations.”
  • JE Pistons, Asymmetrical Forged Piston Design“The new design from JE optimizes new forging processes using CAD/CAM design and manufacturing processes. The new piston is already receiving outstanding reviews.”
  • Comp Performance, Quarter Master 7.25i Mitsubishi Evo 8-Leg Race Clutch Kit“The Mitsubishi Evo eats clutches, but not this one. Will handle all the power and then some.” 

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