SEMA News - October 2010

Foose and Gage Headline SEMA’s Annual Summer Car Show Featuring Classic Muscle and Custom Rods

SEMA News-October 2010-Events
Chip Foose returned as Grand Marshall of the Show ‘N Shine, sharing his knowledge and experience with showgoers and signing every autograph asked of him.


SEMA News-October 2010-Events
SEMA Hall of Famers Van Woodell, Harry Hibler, Louis Senter and Ron Funfar were among the honorees hanging out in the Hall of Fame VIP area.

Collectors, enthusiasts and gearheads of all stripes came out for the second annual SEMA Show ’N Shine car show, July 24, at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California.

Chip Foose, award-winning automotive designer and fabricator and former host of TLC’s “Overhaulin’” television show, returned as Grand Marshal, and Dennis Gage, host of the TV show “My Classic Car,” was on hand to sign autographs and discuss cars with attendees and vehicle owners. The event drew nearly 120 cars, ranging from pre-war Ford and Buick metal to lowriders, late-model musclecars and vintage Mercedes-Benzes. All proceeds from entry fees went to benefit Childhelp and Victory Junction Gang Camp childrens charities.

Show ’N Shine organizer Mike Spagnola of Street Scene Equipment was impressed and admittedly a little surprised by the growth and interest in the event. “It was completely sold out,” Spagnola said. “Car show spaces, vendor slots—totally full.” The 2010 event also drew a similarly eclectic collection as last year’s showing of local automotive classics and contemporaries.

“If you ever wanted to see who the retail ‘SEMA’ customer is, Show ’N Shine was the perfect example,” said Spagnola, who helmed last year’s inaugural show. “We had lifted and lowered, rods and musclecars, trucks, donks, imports, classic restored—everything. You can’t plan for that when you’re developing a car show, but it worked out perfectly.”

SEMA News-October 2010-Events
This ’29 Ford Model A Sport Coupe was powered by a Chevy small-block.
    SEMA News-October 2010-Events
Dennis Gage was also on hand to sign and extend the classic car legacy and enthusiasm into future generations.
    SEMA News-October 2010-Events
Bill Lohr’s ’06 Mustang was a favorite and won the Participant’s Choice award and a trip to the 2010 SEMA Show.
  SEMA News-October 2010-Events
Under the hood of “Moonshined,” a heavily modified ’66 Pontiac GTO packed with a 428ci big-block.


SEMA News-October 2010-Events
Rich Evans’ ’64 Continental was the hands-down crowd favorite, winning the People’s Choice award and a trip to the 2010 SEMA Show.
  SEMA News-October 2010-Events
Steve Lopez’s ’56 Ford F-100 won a Top 10 award from the judges.
  SEMA News-October 2010-Events
The 2008 AREX puts down more than 600 hp from a blown V8—plenty enough to outrun the ’69 Plymouth Belvedere L.A.P.D. patrol car next to it.
  SEMA News-October 2010-Events
Kelsey Clark’s wood pedal car replica featured 24-volt electric drive, working headlights and radio and 30 different exotic woods. It is, according to Clark, made from 80% recycled material.

Show 'N Shine Winners

People’s Choice:

  • ’64 Lincoln Continental, Rich Evans

Participant’s Choice:

  • ’06 Ford Mustang, Bill Lohr

Best Interior:

  • ’56 Ford Pickup, Brian Glick

Best Engine:

  • ’61 Plymouth Two-Door, Charlie Tachdjian

Best Paint:

  • ’69 Pontiac, Art Peterson

SEMA Cares Selection:

  • ’41 Plymouth Coupe, Mike Harn

Kid’s Pick:

  • ’38 Buick Century, Pete Rius

Top 10

  • ’56 Ford Pickup, Steve Lopez
  • ’60 Ford Starliner, Ron Tittle
  • ’30 Ford Model A, Chuck Schuweker
  • ’53 Studebaker Starlight Coupe, Leonard Knight
  • ’36 Ford Roadster, Fred DeFalco
  • ’57 Ford Thunderbird, Jerry Logan
  • ’50 Chevy Pickup, Jim Meyer
  • “Wood Car,” Kelsey Clark
  • ’50 Oldsmobile 88, Marty Fisher
  • ’70 Pontiac Firebird, Michael Keenan


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