SEMA News - March 2010

International Journalists Identify New Products Showcase Winners

By Linda Spencer

Top Global Media Award Winners From the 2009 SEMA Show 
Exhibitor Name  


PLX Devices Inc.
MITO Corp.
Palmer Performance Engineering
Drew Technologies Inc.
Holley Performance Products
Tenzo Racing Sports

Forgiato Inc.
Pittman Products “AirBedz”
Race Ramps/Brute Industries
Shutt Auto  

SEMA Chairman Rick Rollins presents Le-Mesa-based Chasecam with two Global Media Awards at the 2009 SEMA Show 


For the sixth year, a panel of top automotive journalists from 15 countries throughout Asia, Europe, South Africa and South America served on the SEMA Global Media Awards (GMA) panel. 

SEMA recognizes that automotive personalization and customization is growing worldwide. Though the appeal of making cars and trucks fit one’s lifestyle has strong roots in the United States, this enthusiast attitude is universal—and growing. SEMA introduced the Global Media Award program in 2004 to highlight the wide appeal to enthusiasts on every continent of specialty-equipment products that are on display at the SEMA Show.

The judging panel selected a total of 150 products this year for their international appeal. Mobile-electronics products were among the most popular, and Go Pro was the top vote-getter. The HD Motorsports Hero, a wearable high-definition camera, was selected by a diverse group of journalists from Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Honduras, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, France and New Zealand.

In second place, with selections by nine international judges, was PLX Devices, which garnered four winning new products that included the Kiwi WiFi, an iPhone/iPod Touch Interface that was selected by four judges.

MITO Corp. took third place with a total of eight awards for five new introductions. The Gentex rear camera display auto-dimming mirror was the top vote-getter among MITO’s array of new products released at the 2009 SEMA Show. It snagged four Global Media Awards.

Among the winningest companies was first-time exhibitor Forgiato for its newly introduced Parlaro, described by Forgiato as the world’s first unsymmetrical wheel. Forgiato took home five GMAs.

Sixteen of the judges provided SEMA News with insights into their selections and why they believed each was a good fit for their market. Below, by geographic region/continent, are their comments.


The Americas: Argentina

Diego Gastaminza, Experiencia 4x4

  • SEMA NEWS-MARCH 2010-INTERNATIONAL-GLOBAL MEDIA AWARDSAmerican Expedition Vehicles, ProCal Module—“One of the first 4x4 mandatory modifications to change the tire size.”
  • Baja Designs/Soltek Light Systems, KwikJak—“Lift a vehicle moving only three fingers? Magic!”
  • Eco Touch, Eco Touch Waterless Wash System—“The easiest way to go green and clean.”
  • EXtend-A Haul, EXtend-A Haul—“The carrying capacity of two vehicles in one.”
  • Josn Electronic Co. Ltd., TPMS With Spare Tire—“In such areas as the sand, two to three pounds of pressure count. Now watching a display is 100% comfort.”
  • LC Enterprises,ThermoStick—“The more we know about the engine and transmission, the more chances we have to prevent breakage. Level and temperature in a single stick.”
  • Motor City Products/US Speedo, Spotlight Adventure Kit—“You can never find a flashlight when you really need it. This is the way to have one on hand with the batteries charged.”
  • TeraFlex, TeraFlex SpeedBumps Bumpstops—“Easy to install and works under all conditions. It’s as simple as that.”
  • Warn Industries, W650D Driving Light—“Turning on the lights by remote control may seem unimportant—until you actually face conditions that require light. Another hit from Warn.”
  • Yukon Gear & Axle, Unit Bearing Eliminator Kit—“Significantly improves a not-very-successful design and allows easier maintenance to the front differential. Essential in a 4x4 vehicle.” 

Alex Saligari, Pisteros

    Au-tomotive Gold Inc., Cadillac Accent Collection Trailer Hitch Cover—“This item was selected because of its quality and because there is nothing similar to it in our market.”
  • Enkei Wheels, PF01—“It’s always good to have a new tire model available in all markets—and even more so when it comes from a brand like Enkei.”
  • Fenice Care System, Leather Renovation System—“In our country, there is no other product with these features.”
  • GoPro, HD Motorsports Hero—“I thought it was very interesting, as no product seen so far offers the HD quality of this model.”
  • Interior Design Solutions, 3M DI-NOC Carbon Fiber—“As in the great majority of the products selected, we were looking for one that’s innovative. This is—plus it offers ease of installation.”
  • MITO Corp., Perimeter View VN2225 Multi-View Camera—“An innovative product for our market.”
  • Nitrous Express, Trinity Plate Nitrous System—“One must always offer the choice of a nitrous-oxide set.”
  • Orange Electronic Co. Ltd., GPS/TPMS Integration Unit—“A completely innovative product that also offers multiple applications.”
  • Shutt Auto, Venom GII Steering Wheel—“A well-recognized brand in our market in a model that breaks away from the traditional pattern.”
  • Surf City Garage, Surf City Garage Toolbox—“In our market, there is no other brand that offers a product as complete and of such good quality as the ‘Car Care’ kit.”
  • Tenzo Racing Sports, Tenzo 5-Spoke Wheel—“A must-have matte-black rim to revitalize the tuning activity in
    our country.”


Eduardo Bernasconi, Fullpower 

    ChaseCam, DashWare
    —“We don’t have this product in Brazil; no competition so far. Some importers brought a few pieces, and there’s room for that.”
  • Cosworth LLC, Cosworth Pi Omega Dash—“The new features in the dash make it exclusive for Brazil. In theChaseCam, we still have room for that.”
  • Drew Technologies Inc., DashDAQ-NAV—“Nav systems are just starting in Brazil compared to the United States. This dash has many functions and will sell with a good price.”
  • Garrett by Honeywell, Garrett GTX-R Turbochargers—“The innovation with the billet rotors and the size of turbo for the GTX line will get Garrett some more wins in Brazil.”
  • Holley Performance Products, Holley Avenger EFI System—“Brazil is facing a change for the hot rods. Finally, some builders and consumers could see gains using EFI systems. This Holley could be a great deal to have a V8 engine working properly.”
  • Holley Performance Products, Holley Dominator EFI System—“The same reason as with the Avenger system [see above].”
  • HRE Performance Wheels, 560R—“The already classic design of the 560R is not found in Brazil, but enthusiasts love it. Also, it is a new brand that must be in Brazil because wheels and tires are the first components changed besides the stereo system.”
  • Pirelli Tire North America, PZero Trofeo—“Pirelli is missing share in Brazil because Yokohama and Toyo already offer UHP tires for street use. With Torfeo in Brazil, they will have a slice of the market.”
  • Shutt Auto, VY3R Steering Wheel—“As Brazilians don’t have a law that makes the airbag mandatory, customers can change their steering wheels. Shutt is a well-known brand and attends to the customer’s needs.”
  • SPEC Clutches & Flywheels, SPEC Super Carbon Multidisc—“Multidisc clutches are starting to become popular in Brazil. SPEC is already known for great clutches, and racers and drivers with high-horsepower cars must use a good clutch. This carbon one could be a great piece for them.”
  • Turbonetics, Duramax Turbo Pedestal—“Diesel trucks have been modified in Brazil for a while now. Parts like the Pedestal aren’t here. It’s another good opportunity for Brazil.”

Juan Carlos Cuellar, Sobre Ruedas C.A.

    Avery Dennison, Paint Protection Film
    —“Our Central American region is surrounded by seas on both ends, and corrosion is common. Also, 80% of our streets are non-asphalt or have bad conditions. This makes cars in front throw lots of sand, mud or little rocks. This product can easily be adapted in Central America.”
  • goPoint Technology, goLink OBD-II Module—“So easy to use, no need for WiFi. Perfect for our region.
  • GoPro, HD Motorsports Hero—“I tried it on 4x4 competitions (the most popular auto sport in our country), used it on speed racing competitions and love the video.”
  • MITO Corp., Gentex Rear Camera Display Auto Dimming Mirror With 3.5-Inch Screen, Compass and HomeLink—“Lots of benefits. Our country has small streets that make it easy to bump everywhere. This new product will not only make the car look high-tech but will prevent most rear accidents.”
  • Palmer Performance Engineering Inc., DashCommand—“I simply love the iPhone and love the graphics on this application. Easy to use and easy to mount with an iPhone mount kit. Will simply upgrade any car dashboard.”
  • PLX Devices Inc., Kiwi WiFi + iMFD—“I love the design and features.”
  • PLX Devices Inc., TuneBug—“Compact size and great design.”
  • Race Ramps/Brute Ind., Race Ramps Slip Plate Stand—“Works with low-ground-clearance cars. Seems durable and easy to install; great for our country.”
  • Royal Purple, Royal Purple Oil Filters—“Compatible with all synthetic and conventional oils; no major competition in our region.”
  • Zeitronix, Ethanol Content Analyzer Kit—“Easy-to-read display, seems accurate and helps in countries like ours where we have bad and contaminated fuel.”


Jil McIntosh, Freelance Writer, Toronto Star Wheels, Canadian Driver

    Omix-Ada, Truck Floor Liners
    —“An obvious choice for Canadian winters. Many people buy floor mats, but not ones that fit correctly, which allows water and salt to get onto the carpet.”
  • Omix-Ada, Jeep Wrangler Storage Bin—“These are popular vehicles in my area. Having extra cargo space is handy, but because these vehicles are meant to get dirty, the removable, easy-clean aspect is important.”
  • Extreme Max, ATV RampXtender—“Multiuse products are always welcome, especially ones that normally doesn’t handle these two seemingly disparate tasks. I like that these are light and easy to move yet handle a heavy load. With ATVs so popular around here, this is a must-have.”
  • Road Art Studios, Auto Valet—“This isn’t inexpensive, but it’s a lot cheaper than fixing a fender. It also solves the problem of getting out of the vehicle once it’s in the trailer. It’s not a product for the casual user, but restoration shops or serious collectors would definitely get their money’s worth out of it.”
  • Strattec Security, Bolt Locks—“I like anything that cuts down on how much I have to carry, and that includes keys. Canadians are practical people by nature, and this should appeal to them.”
  • Premier Trailer, Ball Swappers—“You get to the job site, you’ve got the right trailer ball no matter what’s waiting there. Who wouldn’t appreciate that? And who needs to be messing with tools in cold or inclement weather?”
  • CIPA, Evo Spectra Lighting—“I chose it because it’s such a simple but useful design and would probably appeal as a gift.”
  • Gentex, Rear Camera Display—“I’ve driven many vehicles with these systems installed and would appreciate the ability to retrofit those that do not. I like that these displays don’t take up dash space and are invisible when not in use. Hooking up a trailer or just backing into a parking space, these make so much sense.”
  • Statz Corp., Step Side Step—“Most truck bumpers have very little space for your feet when the tailgate’s down, or they’re slippery when wet or snowy. I have a truck and fear for my knees when I’m getting in the box. This makes everything much easier and more secure.”
  • TR Tools, Tite-Reach—“The newer the vehicle, the more likely that there isn’t much clearance under the hood. This tool is simple but fills a need.”

Derek Chen, Blink

    AEM, AEM Electronically Tuned Intake System
    —“With the advancements in automotive technology today, AEM is leading the way with this product. The climate in Canada is typically colder, and the air density varies depending on where you are located. Since this intake adjusts the MAF sensor based on the air density, it will optimize performance anywhere.”
  • Alanine, Tuning Gloves—“These gloves have an awesome design! When working on a car, one of the worst situations you could easily get into is losing small pieces/parts.”
  • Bilstein Shock Absorbers, Bilstein Porsche 997 GT3 B16 Damptronic—“My father recently purchased a brand-new Porsche 911 C4S-equipped with PASM. He had a dilemma with lowering the vehicle’s ride height, as he did not want to lose the PASM by installing aftermarket coil-overs. This new system from Bilstein alleviates that problem and allows you to have the best of both worlds. I give this product a 10 out of 10.”
  • Energysafe Technologies, PowerSafe Jumper Cables—“Things happen and we all find ourselves in this situation from time to time. Living in a colder climate in Canada, I never take a chance with being left out in the cold when it comes to jumper cables!”
  • Motor City Products/US Speedo, Spotlight Adventure Kit—“This product will probably pay for itself once you use it in your car and find all of those ‘lost’ or ‘misplaced’ coins and valuables in your car!”
  • Palmer Performance Engineering Inc., DashCommand—“There were so many great iPod applications at the event that this was one of the toughest categories to judge. We chose DashCommand based on the graphic interface, user-friendliness and, of course, the price.”
  • Stratasys Dimension 3D Printers, uPrint 3D Printer—“Definitely one of the coolest products I saw at the Show. I can only imagine the cool new inventions that we might see at the SEMA Show in 2010 as a direct result of this product being launched!”
  •, Privacy Auto License Plate—“This product has many benefits that we can all think of and know but don’t really talk about.”
  •, The Master Key—“I can’t even imagine how many wheel shops ordered these kits by the dozen after seeing them at the Show. This is a great product that every wheel and tire shop (and mechanic shops, too) should have. The days of delays due to wheel locks/incorrect keys to cutting lug nuts are done!”

Dave Pankew, Performance Auto & Sound

    Haltech Engine Management Systems, Platinum Pro Plug-in Nissan Skyline R32/33
    —“Since the RB26DETT motor powered thousands of Skylines for over a decade, there are many of them still on the road. Plus the R32 and R33 GT-R are legal for sale in Canada and a popular swap into other chassis, making Haltech’s Platinum Pro Plug-in ECU a great solution to tune them all.”
  • OS Giken, OS Super Lock LSD for Nissan R35 GTR—“OS Giken makes some of the most advanced driveline parts in the aftermarket, and its Nissan GT-R LSD was the first available for sale. With unreal handling out of the box, the GT-R gets a boost with the added traction thanks to the Super Lock LSD.”
  • AEM, AEM Series2 Plug-and-Play Engine Management System—“The AEM EMS standalone is the most prolific programmable ECU on the market today. With proven performance on the street and track for years now, the Series2 is even easier to tune yet advanced enough to appease demanding tuners.”
  • MasterShift, MasterShift Paddle Shifter for Tremec 3650 Mustang Transmissions—“When we first saw this product at SEMA, it was like looking into the future. Without having a chance to test the system, we can only imagine how much faster it makes your Stang on the track.”
  • IForged Performance Alloys, Forgestar Wheels—“The Forgestar line is one of the most affordable, lightweight forged wheels on the market today. The design sets it apart from everything else out there.”
  • SPEC Clutches & Flywheels, SPEC Super Carbon Multidisc—“SPEC Clutch continues to impress us with its ever-expanding line of clutches. At the 2009 SEMA Show, SPEC brought out highly advanced multiplate clutches with integrated flywheels.”
  • SPC Performance/Light Racing, G37/370Z Suspension Tuning Kit—“SPC always finds the weak spot of every new platform and brings out a product that exceeds the original. The 370Z will be a popular platform to tune the suspension, and SPC offers all of the adjustability owners will need.”
  • NRG Innovations, Quick-Release Steering Wheel System—“NRG has fast become one of the industry standards for quick-release technology, and its latest design is smaller and lighter than ever before.”
  • Whiteline Automotive, Whiteline Vehicle Handling Kit–Mitsubishi EVO X—“Whiteline has proven through rigorous research that better-handling cars are just as fast around a track as cars with double the horsepower! The Mitsubishi EVO X gets a boost in the handling department from Whiteline with this new suspension arm kit.”
  • E Pistons, SRP Professional Piston Kit for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X—“JE Pistons has applications for nearly everything out there, and we simply couldn’t believe that the company had the EVO X pistons to market so fast. For those who want to go fast, having reliable JE pistons at an affordable price point is a must have.”

Kevin Willey, Difflock

    Ark Corp., Ark Powerpack
    —“A great solution to the issues of off-road power after you stop to camp. An obviously well-thought-out and engineered product. Having a reliable way to jump-start a vehicle that doesn’t have an isolated winch battery is always a plus, and that always happens at least once a season. A built-in charger eliminates a dead powerpack.”
  • Banks Power, Banks iQ Dashboard PC With Six-Gun Tuner—“An elegant solution to instrumentation. Being a diesel fan, this was a very easy choice. Diesel is very popular in Canada.”
  • Calcana Industries Ltd., Calcana Garage Heater—“Being in the Great White North, heating a shop is always an issue. This heater solves that problem. Being a Canadian company, it simply makes sense that they figured a way to make it warm. Works well on the U.S. East Coast this year as well.”
  • Cool Cap Heat Blocking Car Covers, Cool Cap Heat Blocking Car Cover—“Ever jump into your car after a day in the sun? I drive a Land Rover Defender, also known as an oven. Anything that would help keep the inside temperature down while parked is a great addition. Green as well; less power required for the air conditioning saves energy. This would work well with any off-road vehicle.”
  • Omix-Ada/Rugged Ridge, All Terrain Truck Floor Liners—“Finally, truck liners that might even keep the Canadian mud off the floor at least in one place, making clean-up a lot easier. When my wife gets mud on dress shoes, she gets really upset.”
  • Paramount Extrusions Company, Slick Offroad Wash—“A green solution to clean-up. Canadian mud sticks like nothing else; this is a great way to clean and be green.”
  • Race Ramps/Brute Ind., Race Ramps 7-Inch Trailer Ramps—“For those who insist on towing their rigs, a great way to unload. Lightweight, rugged, great product. Nuf said.”
  • Royal Purple, Royal Purple Oil Filters—“A filter from an oil producer. Who would know better how to further protect your motor? Off-road rigs in Canada face nastiness and messy weather year-round. Extra protection for the engine’s vital fluids is a plus.”
  • TM Import-Export Inc., Tire Glove—“One of those, ‘Why didn’t I think of that’ products, and it is far better than those plastic one-use tire bags. You can even carry a tire and stay clean. Reusable for the life of several seasonal tire changes for several cars.”
  • Vision Motor Sports Inc., Patriot 12-Inch Mil-Spec LED Smart Light Bar Twelve 10-Watt LEDs—“Vision has a reputation for quality products, and LEDs reduce power usage. Great combination and, considering the popularity of night trail runs in Canada, this is a perfect fit.”


Igor Subocz, Pro Rider

    Classic Instruments Inc., All American Tradition Package
    —“A modern style for an old-fashioned product. New technology for old goodies.”
  • Palmer Performance Engineering Inc., DashCommand—“An ultra-fast and easy way to modify and improve your engine’s character. All in one—the 21st-century trend.”
  • GoPro, HD Motorsports Hero— “Incredible image quality in so small a box. Easy to use in all conditions. (One bad point: The remote control is missing.)”
  • Bossco International Corp., Hi-Beam First Ever Light Wrenches—“The simplest idea, but nobody had it before. Really useful for dark engine work. I just regret that the European size is missing.”
  • PLX Devices Inc., Kiwi MPG—“The most affordable product in the market for this kind of engine device. A good service for a cheap price.”
  • LLumar, Paint Protection Film—“An original product that gives you the opportunity to keep your car almost new. A real commercial advantage.”
  • Autoglym, Perfect Palm—“A brand-new way of washing your car. Really useful and efficient. A great product already known by many car makers.”
  • Sprint Booster USA, Sprint Booster for the 2005+ Porsche 911 Manual Transmission—“Another easy system. A good idea for performance. Small, not too expensive and seems to work well. I’d like to try it!”
  • TVK Industries Inc., Surematic Pistolgrip—“An original design, with a vibration indicator for reverse. Innovation, technology and informative product.”
  • PLX Devices Inc., TuneBug—“My number one. Why? Because it’s the first bike system that gives you the opportunity to make calls, listen to music or hear the road in full security.”


Kai Liebig, Street Magazine

    Auto Meter Products, 5-Inch Quad/Combo InterAct Pack
    —“Another addition to the almost endless product lines and styles from this manufacturer. Autometer is also well recognized in Germany.”
  • Auto Meter Products, Multi-Function Dash Logger—“A great product line for people who like a clean look but with a lot of high tech behind it. More and more cool rides are being built in Germany using both U.S. and German-made drivetrains. This product can handle them all.”
  • Comp Performance Group, Inglese EZ-EFI 8-Stack Induction System—“Germans like high tech. This product combines high tech with a very classic look in one cool package.”
  • Comp Performance Group, Comp Cams Engine Break-In Oil—“Most people use regular oil to break engines in. This is one fine product from a company that knows all about breaking in an engine, and it’s one that consumers trust. Very true for Germans.”
  • Eagle Specialty Products, Ford 4.6 Stroker Kit—“There are thousands of Ford Mod motors in Germany. Almost all are bone stock. Eagle has developed a product that has a great price-to-
    value ratio.”
  • Flex-a-lite Consolidated, Shrouded Heavy-Duty Remote Oil Coolers—“High-speed Autobahn driving without a general speed limit is what we enjoy here. Cooling your engine is one key subject, and this is a high-tech product that we will like over here.”
  • Holley Performance Products, Holley Ultra Dominator and Holley Performance Products Holley Ultra Double Pumper—“Holley continues to be the number-one company for four-barrel carbs. With this product, they have just added another fine example. When we select a carburetor, Holley is at the top of the list.”
  • Mr. Gasket/Prestolite Performance, Mallory ProMaster Distributors—“Another line of fine distributors from one of the best-known brands. A great value product.”
  • PRW Industries Inc., Ford FE High-Volume Aluminum Water Pump—“I personally love the Ford FE engine. We at Street Magazine are working on a nice project using a 446 stroker FE engine. Not sure how many Germans like FEs, but for sure there are quite a few over here, including nice examples of GT500 Shelbys.”

Bjoern Marek, Chrome & Flames Magazine, Media Informationservice

    Applied Coatings International LLC, FLX-Paint—“Pretty cool new colors and absolutely no need to really paint the car body. Perfect for every car fan worldwide who wants to save money but still wants to individualize his custom car!”
  • Ark Corp., Ark Powerpack—“Practical and cool design, many functions. A million times better than using a normal battery for starting another car. Battery is stowed safely in the Powerpack box. Cool!”
  • Astro Pneumatic Tool Company, 7125-Seven-Piece Metric Split Box Ratcheting Wrench Set—“High-quality tools for the ambitious car guy. No question that it can also be sold in Germany.”
  • Drew Technologies Inc., DashDAQ-EFI—“A must-have for the German high-performance-car guy to see the detailed power data of his sports car. Cool design. Easy to install. Fair price.”
  • GoPro, HD Motorsports Hero—“Perfect for every motorsports guy. Easy to install; fun to see your sport adventures again at home.”
  • NSV Automotive, Chrome Parking Sensors—“Easy to install and a must-have in big European cities with smaller streets like in Paris, London and so on.”
  • Race Ramps/Brute Industries, Race Ramps Slip Plate Stand—“Perfect for every car nut in the world. Easy to use, less weight. Simply take it with you to a car show or use it in your garage. Perfect!”
  • Royal Purple, Royal Purple Oil Filters—“German car guys want to have the best for the classic car. High-quality oil filters are a must-have.”
  • Witness Technology LLC, Hermes MVR—“A perfect feature in unclear situations to prove that you were not the culprit. Usable anywhere in the world.”
  • Z-Alt Muscle Car Oil, Z-Alt Muscle Car Oil—“It’s always important to have good oil in the classic car you love. So there are no compromises, try to use the best. European car nuts think like that.”



Zoltan Bessenyey, AMS and “Garazs” TV Show

    AMP Research, AMP Research BedStep
    —“The BedStep is good for our countryside workers and for ladies, too. In Eastern Europe, pickup sales are growing, so the BedStep will be a good thing.”
  • GH Wheels Inc., Skull Crusher—“The Skull Crusher wheel is interesting because it’s made from
    three pieces!”
  • GoPro, HD Motorsports Hero—The GoPro HD camera is very important for us. We already used the old version, and we bought two new HDs at the 2009 SEMA Show. They are working a lot for our TV show.”
  • MasterShift, MasterShift Paddle Shifter for Tremec 3650 Mustang Transmissions—“Mastershift is my choice because I’m a rally driver in Hungary and Slovakia. I very much like the steering shift. It’s good to make old cars with new gearbox systems.”
  • MITO Corp., GM Truck Tailgate Handle Camera—“The tailgate camera is also a good thing. We found a lot of them at the SEMA Show, but this was the best view. We liked it very much!”
  • Palmer Performance Engineering Inc., DashCommand—“The DashCommand is the coolest thing. iPhone sales are growing; the applications are coming. This is a fast business. Like the cars, a beautiful view and a cool system.”
  • Pittman Products, AirBedz—“We were in Africa twice filming and had a fine sleep with the Air Bedz. I like music, so if we have an Air Bedz, we also need a cool radio iPod system! This is it, with big woofers and protection for the iPod from wind, water and sand.
  •, Privacy Auto License Plate—“Privacy License Plate: My name is Bond, James Bond. Need I say anything more?”


Espen Skogen, Bonnier Media AS

    AccuAir Suspension, e-Level Controller With TouchPad Interface
    —“Air suspension applications are on the rise in our part of the world, and AccuAir provides a good-looking and easy interface for controlling your suspension system.”
  • Better Tools & Fasteners, Grip-Tite Super Wrenches Metric Six-Piece Set—“Who hasn’t gotten headaches from rounded or damaged bolts? TGrip-Tite wrenches make life easier with their ingenious yet simple design.”
  • Coplus Inc., Thermo Racing Radiator Cap—“Super-smart design that should eliminate the risk of burns or scalding when unscrewing the radiator cap!”
  • Drew Technologies Inc., DashDAQ-OBD—“Over the years, we’ve seen tons of in-car OBD equipment and diagnostic tools, but Drew Technologies offers one of the slickest yet.”
  • Forgiato Inc., Parlaro—“Definitely not a design that suits everybody or any car, but for the right car (and the right dude), the Parlaro wheel will make both the car and the owner stand out in a crowd!”
  • GH Wheels Inc., Skull Crusher—“GH Wheels proves time and time again that they have the ability, skill and imagination to deliver some of the freshest wheel designs and ideas out there.”
  • Grote Industries, LightForm—“Grote’s ingenious LED light strips give any car owner the opportunity to personalize his ride with virtually no skill, knowledge or tools involved. I feel that this is a product that will do well in any market.”
  • Phoenix Systems LLC, Hose Candy by Oomph! Labs—“Fantastic product that makes the chore of installing turbo and vacuum hoses under the bonnet as fun as Lego!”
  • Quint Measuring Systems, Quint Open-End Ratchet Wrench—“These types of wrenches have proven themselves to be absolutely superior when it comes to working in tight spaces.”
  • Strattec Security Corp., Bolt Series Locks—“Any lock that works without adding extra weight to my keychain is A-okay in my book! The security from the automotive-grade cylinder is an additional bonus that makes this lock even more desirable.”

United Kingdom

Alex Grant, Mark Guest, Maxpower

    ChaseCam, DashWare
    —“YouTube is an increasingly popular part of car-enthusiast culture. Chasecam wows for its ability to create videos with a computer-game-style heads-up display that I believe performance-focused enthusiasts will love.”
  • Drew Technologies Inc., DashDAQ-EFI—“We’ve been massive fans of the DashDAQ since the first incarnation arrived. With GPS add-ons and multimedia playback on top of its plethora of useful data-logging features, it’s an essential gadget.”
  • Forgiato Inc., Parlaro—“Our readers will love the Parlaro because it’s so far from any other wheel we’ve seen. It’s also fully customizable, with several color options and vinyl graphics, too. Very current and
    very cool.”
  • Grote Industries, LightForm—“Cheap to buy, easy to fit and with stunning results, U.K. enthusiasts will find loads of places to use these strips. We can see this being incredibly popular.”
  • HRE Performance Wheels, 560R—“Stunning HRE quality and style with a more affordable price tag. Enthusiasts will love the classy understated design and different lip options for complete individuality.”
  • Intro-Tech Automotive Inc., Pitstop Furniture—“What petrolhead wouldn’t want to bring his passion into his house? This motorsport-inspired furniture is full of tiny details that will make enthusiasts fall for them over rivals.”
  • K&N Engineering Inc., 2008–2009 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO L4-2.0L Intake System—“The latest Mitsubishi EVO is bound to follow its predecessors as a tuning icon. Not only does the Typhoon look awesome under the bonnet, but it’ll add up to 21 bhp, too.”
  • Pirelli Tire North America, PZero Trofeo—“There’s already a massive buzz about this new track-day rubber from Pirelli with neck-snapping grip and cornering abilities. But it’s also fully road legal, so it’s suitable for driving home, provided there’s enough tread left. Performance-mad enthusiasts will love it.”
  • Tenzo Racing Sports/DeModa Concepts, Tenzo Fin Type Wheel—“Classy split-rim-style wheels offering a touch of class for any car, from Euro hatch to Japanese muscle. Produced to incredibly high quality, they’ll look good for years to come.”
  • Three-In-One, Nissan 370Z/350Z Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser With LED Light—“A simple bolt-on modification that will add JDM racing style to the popular Nissan 350Z and 370Z. It’s a beautifully made part and will find fans in the
    United Kingdom.”

Oceania: New Zealand

Alastair Ritchie, ARL

    Baja Designs, Soltek Light Systems Strykr Adventure Light
    —“In a country where adventure tourism is one of the biggest export earners, it’s little wonder that the locals are very active in outdoor pursuits—especially during the summer months with daylight savings. This personal light system would suit activities ranging from mountain biking and caving to night fishing.”
  • Baja Designs, Soltek Light Systems Dome/Rock Light—“Four-wheeling is a popular year-round activity in New Zealand. For the more extreme adventurer, a fair amount of this takes place in the dark, dense native forests where it would be useful to see exactly where you are positioning your wheel on the more common cloudy days.”
  • Extreme Outback Products, IBS Dual Battery System—“Aside from the obvious four-wheeling applications, pleasure boating in New Zealand is extremely popular. A simple dual-battery monitoring application like this could prove popular with larger trailer boats and smaller yachts/launches where overnighting is common.”
  • Extreme Outback Products, Extreme Outback Powersports Plug Kit—“ATV activities in the sand and four-wheeling in the mud are popular in New Zealand. Both involve low tire pressures and soft sidewalls. Much of the typical terrain is littered with hidden sharp tree roots, so a quick, well-packaged repair kit suits this environment—especially at the low price point.
  • GoPro, HD Motorsports Hero—This personal POV camera system suits the adventure activity markets, ranging from mountain biking and kite surfing to all forms of motorsports—especially at this price point.”
  • Granatelli Motorsports Inc., Toyota Tundra/Lexus LX470 Supercharger System to Suit 2UZ-FE 4.7L V8 Engine—“The 2UZ-FE Lexus V8 is a very popular donor engine for many motorsports applications, from off-road to drifting. This package suits those applications with a complete turnkey bolt-on kit.”
  • Haltech Engine Management Systems, Platinum Pro Plug-in Nissan Skyline R32/33—“New Zealand doesn’t have the population to support a self-contained auto manufacturing industry, so government regulations allow for cost-effective importation of cars and spare parts, primarily from Japan. The most popular Japanese imported project/road/race car is the R32/R33 Skyline, and this Haltech engine-management solution is perfectly suited to handle the type of modifications most tuners make to the RB25/26DETT engine, with the added bonus of multichannel data logging for race applications.”
  • MITO Corp., Gentex Rear Camera Display Auto Dimming Mirror with 2.4-Inch Screen and Compass—“Of the variety of units offered at SEMA, this appeared to be the best value for the money. Besides the reversing and safety aspects, towing boats and trailers is very popular in New Zealand, so the ability to single-handedly reverse up to a trailer hitch could prove popular.”
  • PLX Devices Inc., Kiwi WiFi—“This unit is certainly surfing the wave of trendy iPhone applications. The simple WiFi module allows the iPhone to log in and display large volumes of automotive data from most late-model cars. I can see this system suiting the chic import tuner culture within New Zealand.”
  • SPA Technique Inc., SPA Extreme System—“Not enough purpose-built race cars find the additional budget to protect their investments with the installation of an onboard extinguisher system. Not only is this system FIA approved and use a non-toxic/easy-clean agent, but its compact size and low price point should establish a niche in the popular New Zealand clubman’s racer market.”   


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