SEMA News - February 2010


There were 290 tire exhibitors at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas last November, and tire buyers accounted for 9.4% of the total buyers who attended. In fact, their ranks made up the second-largest buyer group at the Show. This issue of SEMA News focuses on tire and wheel business. From the new products article that showcases some of the best technology and innovation the segment has to offer to the trends story where tire and wheel industry experts weigh in on the trends and challenges that face the segment, this issue is filled with information about the marketplace and the companies that have built it.

Like other segments in the industry, tire makers and marketers were hit hard by the recession, and even though there are now positive economic signs, changes in the landscape of our industry have shown that SEMA must be proactive in developing programs and features that help the tire segment as it steers toward recovery. To that end, SEMA and the Tire Industry Association (TIA) have begun joint discussions intended to maximize the Tires, Wheels & Equipment section of the SEMA Show so that we might better understand the industry’s changing needs and respond accordingly.

These challenging economic times have made it all the more important for SEMA, TIA and the tire manufacturers to pull together to get the most from the two associations’ programs and services as well as the SEMA Show.

Working together starts with communication, allowing all parties to understand the challenges and opportunities and putting them on a path toward achieving common goals. Executives from SEMA, TIA and the tire manufacturers recently began a series of meetings to lay a foundation for their cooperative efforts. TIA’s top officials made it clear that they will work with SEMA to explore their needs and provide guidance on solutions to their most pressing problems. SEMA pledged its best efforts aimed at bringing those solutions to fruition.

As part of the wheel and tire information contained in this issue, we’ve included brief conversations and comments from two of TIA’s leaders: President Wayne Croswell and Executive Vice President Roy Littlefield. Both understand the value that the trade associations represent and that through collaboration, the industry can be better served in areas such as training and education, market reports, government affairs and maximizing ROI from the SEMA Show.

We look forward to building those relationships and to shaping a future together, where the member companies of TIA and SEMA continue to grow and prosper.

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