SEMA Member News / November-December 2009 

Program That Helps Launch Careers to Begin Again in December 2009


The buildup and auction of a project vehicle has been one of the major fundraising efforts for the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. This year, the buildup of a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is being overseen by former SEMA Chairman Nate Shelton of B&M. Look for the Camaro and your chance to make a bid at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Proceeds from the auction will go directly to the scholarship fund. In 2008, there were 225 applications for SEMA scholarships of $1,000–$4,000, and 93 were awarded, in addition to seven loan-forgiveness awards for a total of $133,000.  

SEMA is once again ready to help pay tuition for the future of the industry by offering scholarships to today’s brightest students attending various universities, colleges and/or vocational schools in the United States and Canada. The program has grown by leaps and bounds in the past two years.

In 2008, there were 225 applications for SEMA scholarships of $1,000–$4,000, and 93 were awarded, in addition to seven loan-forgiveness awards for a total of $133,000. In 2009, the first year of the online application and judging process, 4,300 students gave SEMA their contact information, resulting in 551 official applications from which 60 scholarships and 14 loan-forgiveness awards were given for a total of $119,000.

This year, the association instituted a SEMA scholarship page on the Facebook social networking site, and it already has more than 500 contacts. Since its inception in 1984, the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund has helped more than 400 students, culminating in more than $1,200,000 in grants. The mission of the scholarship program is to foster industry leadership by supporting the education of students pursuing careers in the automotive aftermarket.

The 2010 program will kick off in early December of 2009 and will run until April 1, 2010. While the Silent Auction at the SEMA Show has been discontinued, the buildup and auction of a scholarship project car continues to be a feature of the program. This year’s vehicle will be a one-of-a-kind 2010 Hurst Camaro that is being overseen by former SEMA Chairman of the Board Nate Shelton from B&M. When completed, the Camaro will be auctioned off at the SEMA Show in November. Proceeds from the auction will go directly to the scholarship fund.


2009 SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund Winners

Loan Forgiveness

Derek Birk, Newman University
Erin Cechal, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Raffa Award)
Gene Dickhudt, McPherson College (ARMO Award)
Peter Harksell, Wyoming Technical Institute
Britta Hofmann, Winona State University
Lance Hunter, Utah State University
Kristopher Kojian, University of Michigan
Robert Martin, University of Northwestern Ohio
Lynn Meredith, Southeast Technical Institute
Casey Milano, Ohio University
Patrick Morse, University of Kentucky
Steven Needles, University of Northwestern Ohio
Matthew Quinn, Syracuse University
Nicholas Woolard, University of California at Los Angeles


Alexandar Alexiev, Art Center College of Design (Weiand Award)
Garrett Alves, Cerritos Community College William Ambrosini, Universal Technical Institute of Sacramento
Nathan Bailey, Ferris State University
Jessup Baker, University of Northwestern Ohio (SEMA)
Karina Banuelos, San Bernardino Valley College (K&N Engineering Award)
Keith Bartels, University of Northwestern Ohio (Hrudka Award)
Matthew Bennett, Northwestern College
William Besser, University of St. Thomas
Austin Brauser, Columbia University
James Carruth, Auburn University
Joshua Childress, Ferris State University (SEMA)
Julian Choquette, University Of Montreal
Dan Chown, Queens University
David Christianson, Northeastern University
Zac Compton, Spring Arbor University (SEMA)
Robert Dachiu, University of Northwestern Ohio
Tyler Daoust, Queens University
Spencer Depew, Brigham Young University—Idaho
Paul Disher, Niagara College (SEMA)
Kevin Eichinger, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Andrew Fida, Georgia Institute of Technology (Karp Award)
James Finch, University of Windsor (SEMA)
Jared Fiorentine, University of North Texas
Daniel Fourie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Samuel Gage, Indiana University (SEMA)
David Hardy, University of Georgia (SEMA)
Sean Hayes, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Jennifer Haynes, San Diego State University (SEMA)
Mara Henderson, University of Northwestern Ohio (Thompson Award)
Tyler Hill, Rochester Institute of Technology
Benjamin Janke, Madison Area Technical College
Joel Knight, Clemson University (SEMA)
Tony Koesters, University of Toledo (Top Student)
Franz Lopez, Oxnard College (SEMA)
Wesley Manno, Universal Technical Institute (SEMA)
Brandon Mase, Pennsylvania College of Technology (Amato Award)
Marcus Mckean, University of Northwestern Ohio
Travis McVay, Northwest Iowa Community College (SEMA)
Aaron Miller, University of Northwestern Ohio
Renisha Newton, Kettering University (SBN Award)
Kale Nicodemus, Colorado State University: Pueblo
Daniel Nye, McPherson College
Jacob Pruett, Northwood University
Daniel Raynes, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Jordan Recchia, Center for Creative Studies: College of Art and Design
Sean Richey, Denver Automotive & Diesel College
Junior Carmen, Rodriguez Cypress College
Austin Smith, Auburn University
Wesley Stimach, Universal Technical Institute (SEMA)
Mark Stouffer, College For Creative Studies (SEMA)
Joshua Stout, Colorado State University: Pueblo
Casey Stutz, Linn-Benton Community College
Christopher Taylor, Mesa State College
John Teller, Ferris State University
Satyam Vyas, Clemson University
Adam White, Grant MacEwan College (SEMA)
Tahiem Williams, University of South Florida
Wei Yang, Purdue University (SEMA)  

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