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The SEMA Show 2009: Accelerating Into 2010

It seems a long way off, but SEMA members are busy weighing in with plans for the SEMA Show in November. What can we expect from the 2009 SEMA Show? It’s shaping up to be a critical event at a critical time for anyone looking to do business in 2010.

We’ve witnessed the economy and businesses in all respects adjusting downward. Because the industry is the SEMA Show, the Show will reflect the industry’s changes. Meanwhile, the SEMA Show will again be the world’s leading event for connecting buyers and manufacturers, introducing new products and positioning businesses for the coming market rebound.

What’s new and different in the SEMA Show value proposition to help you accelerate into 2010? As company budgets tighten, the SEMA Show represents a highly cost-effective way for manufacturers and buyers to meet. Whether to find new business or to renew existing relationships, buyers and manufacturers aiming to succeed in 2010 will be at the SEMA Show. And, similar to last year, SEMA is launching an aggressive attendee campaign to retain the Show’s high-quality buyer participation.

New this year, SEMA is introducing an enhanced Matchmaking Program to better connect participants before, during and after the Show. Through our improved registration process for Show attendees, SEMA now collects specific product interests and other demographic data. This enables us to help connect our attendees with manufacturers before they hit the Show floor. Don’t overlook this powerful tool—it can help you find and convert leads into new business.

Pre-Show matchmaking, scheduling and other valuable planning tools are available online at Coupled with the VIP buyer program, lead-retrieval systems and other programs, SEMA is offering the industry enhanced means to cost-effectively connect buyers with exhibiting manufacturers.

What else do we have to make the Show a great value? The companies participating in the SEMA Show can rely on SEMA’s expanded media partnerships, state-of-the-art media center and the media-enabled New Products Showcase to broadcast the products, feature vehicles and trends of the SEMA Show to the world. The results are measurable and spectacular. For example, right now there are millions of webpages covering the SEMA Show. Take a moment and search the term “SEMA Show” along with the name of any exhibiting company to see a quick measure of the impact of participation at the Show.

How are we helping companies manage the SEMA Show in a challenging year? This year’s deadline for exhibitors to submit the rental agreement and deposit for the booth drawing has been moved back a month to Friday, May 8. The new date allows companies flexibility and time to plan for maximum cost-effectiveness. Also, for the first time ever, exhibitors using a credit card have the option to pay only 25% down with their rental agreement. The final payment will not be due until September, which is also later than in previous years. We have secured hotel-room price reductions of 25%–40%, and we are in discussions with key vendors and hotels to reduce costs further.

SEMA recognizes that business is not “as usual” in these difficult economic times and is making sure that your participation and experience at the 2009 SEMA Show reflects these times. In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, SEMA is continuing to work hard to ensure the Show delivers a high return on investment (ROI) as your company takes part in the coming market rebound. SEMA will once again offer webinars throughout the year that educate exhibitors on ways in which to save money and expand their ROI. Stay tuned for announcements of additional ways to participate economically for great results, and please feel free to contact SEMA’s Show department if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions regarding the upcoming 2009 SEMA Show. We are here for you.

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