Discover EVSE Workforce Career Opportunities and Resources During July 9 Webinar

By Ashley Reyes

EVSE Workforce

SEMA Education is offering a new webinar to help current and future automotive aftermarket professionals stay at the forefront of career paths available within the electrical vehicle service equipment (EVSE) industry.

Presented in partnership with SkillFusion, "EVSE Workforce: Career Opportunities and Available Resources" on July 9 at 10:00 a.m. PDT will explore valuable EVSE resources, educational pathways and skill development opportunities that will empower attendees to navigate and excel in the dynamic EVSE workforce.

Attendees will hear from Elaina Farnsworth, SkillFusion co-founder and CEO, and Enid Joffe, SkillFusion electrification specialist, as they cover: 

  • Career Pathways in EVSE: Learn about career options within the EVSE industry, including roles in installation, maintenance, software development and more.
  • Skill Development Strategies: Discover key skills and competencies that are essential for success in the EVSE workforce, and how to acquire and enhance them.
  • Educational Opportunities: Identify available educational programs, certifications and training courses that align with EVSE career paths.
  • Industry Networking: Find effective networks within the EVSE community to enhance career prospects and stay updated on industry trends.
  • Professional Growth and Advancement: Gain insight on strategies for continuous professional development and avenues for career advancement within the dynamic EVSE sector.

As charger reliability and uptime play a significant role in the electric vehicle (EV) owner experience, participating in the webinar presents an excellent opportunity to engage with qualified EVSE experts and stay ahead of emerging opportunities. Save your spot here.