Builders: Collaborate With Exhibitors on 2024 SEMA Show Project Vehicles

By SEMA News Editors

Exhibitors of the 2024 SEMA Show, November 5-8, Las Vegas Convention Center, are offering products, parts and services for builders working on vehicles set for display at the SEMA Show this year.

The Products for Project-Vehicle Builders list is updated frequently, and features product offers and contact information from confirmed SEMA Show exhibitors looking to collaborate with builders. Qualified builders interested in obtaining a product should connect with exhibitors directly using the provided contact information.

Note: All product-placement decisions, negotiations and agreements are the responsibility of the exhibiting manufacturer and the builder. Each project vehicle on display at the SEMA Show must be supported by a current 2024 SEMA Show exhibitor.

The list is open to exhibitors of the 2024 SEMA Show only. Exhibitors: to be included in the list, complete the form at

Qualified builders are encouraged to frequently check the 2024 Products for Project-Vehicle Builders list, as it is updated when submissions come in.

Note: Submissions appear on a first-come, first-served basis. The Project-Vehicle Builders form must be used by exhibitors to participate in the program; email submissions will not be included in the list. Participation in the list does not guarantee product or vehicle placement at the 2024 SEMA Show. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to confirm the builder is affiliated with and working on a vehicle that will be on display at the SEMA Show. For more information about the list, contact Laura Pitts at