New Products From FiTech EFI, Nitrous Supply, Cobra Electronics

By SEMA News Editors

FiTech EFI
Ultra Port LS 750hp EFI System w/ Trans Control
FiTech EFI

The Ultra Port LS 750 HP EFI System with Transmission Control, available in sleek black and striking brilliant finishes, is designed to deliver unparalleled performance and control for high-powered LS engines. With the capability to support up to 750 hp, this advanced system ensures optimal fuel delivery, precise engine management and seamless transmission control. Each system incorporates an external Retro Port LS ECU, renowned for its reliability and seamless integration.

Nitrous Supply
DeLuxe Super Hi-Flow Bottle Valve
Nitrous Supply

Nitrous Supply is now offering an upgrade to its Super Hi-Flow bottle valve, the DeLuxe Super Hi-Flow bottle valve, which features a polished surface and chrome plating. Features include a 135-degree nitrous flow path, a 1/8 NPT gauge port and an AN-8 "racer safety port" that facilitates routing a pressure discharge outside of the vehicle.

Cobra Electronics
SC 250R, SC 220C and SC 120 Dashcams
Cobra Dashcams

The Cobra SC 250R comes with front and rear-view cameras, 4K video and remote live view, which allows drivers to monitor their vehicle remotely. The Cobra SC 220C features a dual-view camera that captures the front and interior of the vehicle, and a privacy mode. The Cobra SC 120 offers a single camera with quad HD video, remote live view and built-in Wi-Fi.

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