SEMA California Rally Recap: Uniting for the Future of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

By the SEMA Washington, D.C., office

The SEMA California Rally, hosted in Sacramento on June 5, brought together businesses within the automotive specialty-equipment industry to amplify their voices and advocate for policies conducive to industry growth and innovation. 

Participants engaged with influential California lawmakers, leveraging their collective voice to champion policies supporting industry growth. Key legislative topics included supporting cutting-edge vehicle technologies, Proposition 65, emissions compliance and a SEMA-opposed proposal mandating speed limiters in new vehicles.  

California Rally

Lance Hastings, president and CEO of CMTA, speaks at the SEMA California Rally luncheon.

The specialty automotive aftermarket industry's significant contribution to California's economy was highlighted, showcasing the industry's vital role in the state's economic landscape. California is home to more than 1,500 SEMA-member companies, and the industry supports more than $40 billion in economic output and nearly 150,000 jobs.  

The rally culminated with a reception featuring several prominent lawmakers, including Senator Bob Archuleta, Assemblymember Juan Carrillo, Assemblymember Mike Fong, Assemblymember Juan Alanis, Assemblymember Diane Dixon and Senator Anthony Portantino, underscoring the event's significance and the industry's influence. 

California Rally

Assemblymember Mike Fong (left) and Todd Payne of Magnussen Products (right) discuss issues of importance to SEMA-member companies.

At a luncheon during the event, Lance Hastings, president and CEO of the California Manufacturing and Technology Association (CMTA), delivered a compelling address highlighting the intersection of business interests and legislative initiatives impacting the automotive aftermarket in California. 

Christian Robinson, SEMA’s senior director of state government affairs and grassroots, emphasized the importance of member engagement in events like the SEMA California Rally. "Member participation is crucial in amplifying our collective voice and shaping policies that directly impact our industry," Robinson said. "Events like these provide a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, driving positive change and ensuring a vibrant future for the automotive aftermarket in California." 

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