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SEMA New York Rally Drives Industry Advocacy Forward

By the SEMA Washington, D.C., office

The SEMA New York Rally, hosted in Albany on May 14, brought together businesses within the automotive aftermarket industry to amplify their voices and advocate for policies conducive to industry growth and protection of business interests.  

Attendees engaged with influential New York lawmakers, leveraging their collective voice to champion policies supporting industry growth, addressing tax policies beneficial to small businesses and navigating challenges posed by producer responsibility laws.  

New York Rally

Barry Alt of Motorhead Digital (left), Cora Jokinen of Torq-Masters Industries (middle), met with New York Senator Pam Helming (right) during the SEMA New York Rally to discuss policies supporting industry growth.

The specialty automotive aftermarket industry's significant contribution to New York's economy was highlighted, with more than $10 billion contributed, supporting 38,000 jobs, $3.72 billion in wages and benefits, and $1.52 billion in taxes paid. This underscores the industry's vital role in the state's economic landscape. 

At a luncheon during the event, Paul Zuber, executive vice president of the Business Council of New York State, delivered a compelling address highlighting the intersection of business interests and legislative initiatives impacting the automotive aftermarket in New York. 

Christian Robinson, SEMA's senior director of state government affairs and grassroots, emphasized the importance of member engagement in events like the SEMA New York Rally. "Member participation is crucial in amplifying our collective voice and shaping policies that directly impact our industry," Robinson said. "Events like these provide a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, driving positive change and ensuring a vibrant future for the automotive aftermarket in New York." 

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