Industry Experts Discuss Future Technology and Alternative Fuels in New SEMA Video

By Ashley Reyes

SEMA has released new seminar recordings from the 2023 SEMA Show Education Program that highlight the future of electrification and alternative fuels in the automotive aftermarket. 

The SEMA FutureTech Live sessions were part of the new SEMA FutureTech Studio--an exhibit within the Show that showcased what the future of vehicle propulsion may look like. The sessions offer valuable insights presented by experts in the electrification and alternative fuel space. Access the videos here.

FutureTech Live Sessions

Seminar recordings available include:  

The Future of Electrification and the Technology That Will Take Us There

Hear from a panel of global industry leaders, subject-matter experts and thought leaders as they discuss the application, benefits, integration and practical and scalable solutions that can accelerate decarbonization through alternative fuel technologies. Key talking points include the definition of alternative fuels and manufacturing processes; the application of alternative fuels in the automotive industry; emerging technologies and decarbonization targets; and the infrastructure and policies needed for mass adaptation. 

Moderator: Rob Ward (Legacy EV) | Speakers: Eddy Borysewicz (Revolt Systems), Chris Hazell (Fellten), Kirk Miller (Hypercraft USA), Lawson Sumner (Ampere EV)  

How Electrification Will Affect Your Business and What You Can Do About It 

This video offers insights into the impact of electric vehicles (EVs) and the opportunities that the segment provides. Topics include a brief overview of the current EV industry, consumer demand, training opportunities, and industry-driven policy and regulation. 

Speaker: Mavrick Knoles (Legacy EV) 

Fireside Chat with Electrification, The Next Generation of Hot Rodders 

This video offers insights into initiatives for training the next generation of hot rodders through the lens of electrification. Topics include accessibility into the EV space through education and vocational programming, and where the future of electrification is headed. 

Moderator: Rob Ward (Legacy EV) | Speakers: Apl.De.Ap. (Green Thumb Garage, Black Eyed Peas), Audie Vergara (Green Thumb Garage) 

The SEMA FutureTech Live sessions were part of a new SEMA initiative to create a robust career and professional development program for aftermarket professionals. The seminar recordings offer immediate knowledge and takeaways, highlighting new, fresh perspectives from top experts in the automotive community.  

Watch the recordings now and access additional seminar highlights from the 2023 SEMA Show at