Hot Rod Alley, Restoration Marketplace Exhibitors Preview Their 2024 SEMA Show Plans

SEMA Show Central Hall Restoration Marketplace Hot Rod Alley preview

By SEMA News Editors

As SEMA organizers work this week to build the 2024 SEMA Show floor [watch it come together here], exhibitors are preparing to meet with the global automotive community to showcase (and experience!) the latest innovations, technology, products, services and education available to today's automotive aftermarket professionals. Indeed, whether an established brand or just starting out, exhibiting at SEMA is the best investment to advance your brand goals. (Still need a booth? Reserve one here).

"The exposure, along with networking with other professionals in the industry [at SEMA], has been instrumental in our business," said Rob Hester, owner of Flat Out Autos, a builder and reseller of restomods, Corvettes and a variety of cool cars. "We are a small shop located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and we made the decision in 2019 to exhibit at SEMA. To say the least, we were overwhelmed with the exposure we received; it literally put us on the world map! [In fact,] we built four retro Tahoes for the Royal Family in Abu Dhabi as a direct result of our first SEMA... and in 2022, we made the Top 40 in the Battle of the Builders with our groundbreaking '22 GMC Jimmy Conversion; a huge honor."

Another exhibitor, Bangin Headlights based in Australia, echoed those thoughts, stating, "From our networking at SEMA last year, our headlights will be featured on a Netflix show as well as a high-profile build for the Power Tour later this year--details to be revealed soon. Both things would have been impossible without us being at SEMA," said George Mittal, owner of Bangin Headlights.

Recently, SEMA News gave readers a sneak peek at some of the excitement slated for this year's Central Hall Racing & Performance section (read it here), and now we've connected with the key brands that will be in Central Hall's coveted Hot Rod Alley and Restoration Marketplace. See what Showgoers will experience in-person in SEMA Show's Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, November 5-8(Register here).


"Hot Rod Alley is where all this began! The definition of the hot rod has evolved over the years--[but] the passion is just as hot as it was 60 years ago. The competitive bar rises year after year!" said Tim McCarthy, founder and CEO, HushMat and ZyCoat. "Hot Rod Alley continues to lead the industry in craftsmanship, design, engineering and technology. It is a can't-miss section of the SEMA Show."

HushMat ZyCoat

HushMat and ZyCoat will display their lineup of products, including the high-temperature, heat-dissipating coating Zybar.

Among the products set for the HushMat and ZyCoat Booth #23195 is an expansion of its 400,000 different year, make and model sound deadening and thermal insulation kits and the ZyClear high-temperature clear gloss coating designed to provide outstanding corrosion protection on stainless steel and coated surfaces across all applications, including marine, RV and off-road. In addition, the brand will introduce more high-performance technology on the ZyCoat side, like the high-temperature, heat-dissipating coating Zybar.

"HushMat and ZyCoat will also be part of two of the most iconic hot rod builds of our time: one representing the origin of the hot rod industry and the other the latest in hot rod manufacturing and craftsmanship! Visit the HushMat and ZyCoat Booth #23195 in Central Hall; it will be worth every second!" said McCarthy.

FiTech Fuel Injection, meanwhile, revealed some of its innovations set for display in Booth #23493, including a teaser of new product lines that won't disappoint Showgoers interested in aftermarket fuel injection.

FiTech EFI

Our source from FiTech Fuel Injection teased the "NEMESIS," which SEMA Showgoers will be able to experience in-person in the FiTech Booth #23493.

"Not only will we continue to advance the fuel-injection technology with some highly advanced developments, but we will also be adding several new lines, some of which will include oil pans, valve covers and other engine accessories. Watch out, the 'NEMESIS' is here," teased Michael Wahl, vice president of sales and marketing, FiTech. "Over the past few years, FiTech has made drastic improvements to our EFI line to become the leader in aftermarket fuel injection. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and a three-year warranty, FiTech is aiming to fulfill more of our customers' needs." 

Also in Hot Rod Alley is BedWood, the provider of custom wood pickup bed kits. In the BedWood Booth #22791, Showgoers can expect to see "a broad expansion in the vehicle fitment coverage in our line of RETROLINER real wood bed liners for late model trucks," said company founder and CEO Jeffrey Major. "Additionally, our current and future distribution partners can learn more about how we can help drive their sales with our unmatched selection, product knowledge, and simple '"one part number, one complete solution'" method of supplying an entire bed kit."

For Dynamat, the provider of noise, vibration and heat control, Vice President of Marketing and Creative Rick Artz shared the manufacturer will highlight its newly launched product called ProX, which "has tested to be the best sound deadener available today as well as products launched in 2024 prior to SEMA," said Artz. Visit the Dynamat Booth #22693 to witness the new ProX up close alongside the brand's growing automotive portfolio and beautiful builds from some of the industry's top builders.

Dynamat SEMA Show preview

Dynamat's new ProX is designed to be among the best sound deadeners available today and will be available to see in the Dynamat Booth #22693 at the 2024 SEMA Show.

Building some of the finest vehicles, chassis and suspension for street and performance for more than 30 years, the Roadster Shop will once again use the SEMA Show's global audience to its advantage in Booth #22477.

"Roadster Shop has always leveraged the opportunity that SEMA presents to 'kick-off' the upcoming year by debuting new and exciting chassis offerings or cutting-edge new vehicle builds, and this year will be no different; you will just have to come to the Show and see for yourself!" said Phil Gerber, owner of the Roadster Shop, who also divulged the brand will showcase its line-up of performance chassis options for muscle cars, street trucks and classic off-road trucks. In addition, "several" new Roadster Shop vehicle builds are set to make their debut on the SEMA Showfloor this year, so this is one opportunity buyers, media, influencers and professionals in the Hot Rod space don't want to miss!


"SEMA Show's Central Hall has become 'the hub' for restomod with some amazing builds to show off performance-based products as well as leading trends of tomorrow," said Ross Berlanga, director of marketing, TMI Products. "The SEMA Show is a great place to discuss TMI's complete interior-in-a-box product offering to businesses of all sizes and segments, and the pricing structure that will make you money." 

TMI Products interior. restoration marketplace SEMA Show

Among the products in the TMI Products Booth #24477 will be its '80s muscle car interior products, including a complete interior kit for third-gen Camaros.

TMI's Berlanga told SEMA News that their team will be "rockin' great mullets" in Booth #24477 to complement its '80s muscle car interior products, beginning with a complete interior kit for third-gen Camaros. In addition, TMI will also feature the next generation of its custom configurator, allowing users to "customize one of our bucket seats with many different color and material options right from The TMI Configurator also has matching molded door panels that can be customized, too," he added. 

Finally, the TMI TRIM Awards returns for its third year, allowing the manufacturer to spotlight the best interiors throughout the SEMA Show campus. Open to any vehicle displayed at SEMA, these awards are for builders who want to showcase their masterpieces with hand-crafted, custom interiors. Interested builders can enter at

For Australia's Bangin Headlights, owner George told SEMA News that attendees can expect to see two new headlights introduced to the market. "Over the last year (including at the 2023 SEMA Show), we had dozens of requests for new products. Based on our two most popular requests, we are launching two new headlights. One is a new size/shape, and the other has a new look in 7" round headlights," he said. "We will, of course, also display our full range of 7" and 5.75" LED headlights along with our very popular intake conversion kits.

"As classic cars get older, there is a greater need to have access to great restoration products. At the same time, companies like Bangin Headlights are innovating and making modern products for the classic and RestMod scene," he concluded.

Hester, owner of Flat Out Autos, shared the brand continues to refine its offerings and will unveil three new builds in the Restoration Marketplace: a new retro '24 GMC Jimmy conversion, a '58 Corvette restomod and a '72 Cutlass restomod

Flat Out Autos SEMA Show booth GMC and Chevrolet

Flat Out Autos' booth at the SEMA Show last year featured cutting-edge builds shown here. This year, the brand plans to unveil three new builds in the Restoration Marketplace: a new retro '24 GMC Jimmy conversion, a '58 Corvette restomod and a '72 Cutlass restomod.

Nowhere other than the SEMA Show can these restoration and hot-rod innovations be seen in person, under one roof, and in front of the global automotive aftermarket. "[SEMA is] like a homecoming for the automotive industry," Hester said. "No matter what your focus in the automotive industry: trucks, overlanding, audio, refinishing, old school hot rods, [whatever, SEMA] has something for everyone." 

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