10 Reasons to Exhibit at the 2024 SEMA Show

By SEMA News Editors

Great exhibit space remains--but is selling quickly--for the 2024 SEMA Show, November 5-8, Las Vegas. Leading brands from across the nation and globe have signed on to exhibit for this year's event, which is on track to return to historic exhibitor levels with growth across all product categories. Reserve your booth here.


Indeed, the SEMA Show will once again serve as the best opportunity of the year to connect in person with existing customers, discuss new ideas and challenges and strengthen business relationships--all with the backdrop of a global platform to engage with specialty-automotive market professionals, media members, influencers, buyers and more from around the world.

"SEMA has been instrumental in our business. The exposure and networking with other professionals are like a homecoming for the automotive industry. Nowhere else on the planet can you get your product or services in front of everyone in the industry. The media exposure is overwhelming," said Rob Hester of Flat Out Autos

Still on the fence about hosting a booth at SEMA? Following are several more reasons the SEMA Show is the premier event to exhibit: 

  • Connect with the global industry in one location​: The SEMA Show is a unique opportunity to engage with every facet of the automotive aftermarket industry in one location. The multifaceted nature of the audience will generate strong ROI and meet your company's goals.​
  • More than 4.5 million net sq. ft. of innovation and opportunity.​: The size of the SEMA Show provides your best opportunity to brand, launch, sell, grow and increase awareness and relevance of your product or company.​
  • Thousands of exhibitors​: This is where the industry and media will see new trends from exhibitors, including your competitors.​
  • Connect with thought leaders, decision-makers and buyers: Attendance from quality professionals creates the perfect platform for strengthening and nurturing your business relationships, generating leads and establishing the business connections that will make your brand successful.​
  • Meet qualified media and content creators​: There are several opportunities for global exposure from media and content creators from all facets of automotive and media, including print, digital, broadcast, social media and more.​
  • About 140 countries and territories represented​: If you're looking to expand to markets beyond the United States, the SEMA Show provides a platform to launch new products in represented countries and territories. ​
  • Upwards of 1,400 trending vehicles on display​: The concepts, ideas and trends that start at the Show--many seen in the display vehicles and features like the SEMA Battle of the Builders--reverberate throughout the industry.​
  • Connect with 12 product communities​: Within the 1.2 million sq. ft. under one roof, you will find 12 distinct product communities. There's a community for everyone at the SEMA Show; tap into one this year!
  • SEMA Education​: The SEMA Show offers the largest, most robust, customizable, all-encompassing educational platform, providing a perfect opportunity to train and develop your career, team and business.​ Stay tuned for more details and the SEMA Education schedule.
  • SEMA Fest/Friday Experience​: Through SEMA Fest and the Friday Experience, the Show is evolving to welcome more enthusiasts, expand reach, grow diversity, create opportunity and empower the next generation to grow the industry.​ Stay tuned for more details on these programs.

Supporting the SEMA Show not only empowers businesses to progress their goals but also helps to power SEMA's mission to serve the industry by protecting and preserving the automotive lifestyle for generations to come.

"SEMA works year-round to protect consumers' rights to drive accessorized, customized and vintage vehicles. Our members, as well as exhibitors and attendees, are always at the forefront of everything SEMA does, whether through our advocacy team in Washington, D.C., SEMA Garage, SEMA Data, SEMA Membership, SEMA Councils & Networks or the SEMA Show," said Andy Tompkins, SEMA trade show director. 

Reserve your booth hereSEMA Show organizers have begun the booth plotting process, which will continue through May 15. After that, the first iteration of the 2024 SEMA Show floorplan will be released.

For more information on exhibiting at the SEMA Show, visit Keep an eye on SEMA News and for the latest deadlines, updates and opportunities for the 2024 SEMA Show.