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Recap: 2024 SBN Women's Leadership Forum Drives Career Advancement for Females in Automotive

By Ashley Reyes

The SEMA Businesswomen's Network (SBN) welcomed more than 80 attendees to its 2024 Women's Leadership Forum last March in Austin, Texas.  

Themed "EVOLVE: Advancing the Future of Women in Leadership," the event empowered women in the automotive aftermarket industry to advance in their careers. Attendees gained essential leadership skills through inspiring keynotes and engaging instruction from top-tier leadership experts. 

The education seminars and workshops covered such topics as defining your individual roadmap, essential qualities of women who lead, how to lift up the next generation of women leaders and more. 

SBN Women's Leadership Forum

"All of the speakers and all of the topics helped to bring me self-awareness and a reinvigorated focus on personal motivation to be better," said Kira Daczjo of Universal Technical Institute. "Whether it is to be better as a leader, communicate better, approaching topics differently, choosing to not be a victim and working to overcome your own insecurities, the event was a space to share and gain empowerment with other women."  

"Work-life balance and intentionality are important when it comes to being a woman in business," said Celina Leggiere of Fox Factory, highlighting the impact of Ann Sheu's keynote, '2000 Free Days: 3 Mindset Shifts to Live a Radically Intentional Life.' "During her workshop, I was able to identify my values. This is something I had never done. Additionally, just being in the room with such powerful, like-minded and inspirational women impacted my mental health in great ways!" 

"The completion of the Women's Leadership Forum was a very emotional experience," added Elizabeth Bosley of Dee Zee Manufacturing. "The validation from complete strangers that I am smart enough, I am worthy and I am good enough was something I never realized I needed. I believe this will help me not only in my personal life but in my professional life as well."  

SBN Women's Leadership Forum

In addition to taking part in the two-day educational program, participants built business connections and friendships with other SBN members through dedicated networking events and received complimentary professional headshots.    

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