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'24 Toyota Land Cruiser and '24 Lexus GX 3D Scan Data Now Available

By SEMA News Editors

As a result of the recent '24 Toyota Land Cruiser and 24 Lexus GX measuring session, the SEMA Garage Tech Transfer program is now offering a wide variety of 3D scan data on the all-new Land Cruiser and GX models. The data accounts for various trim models, such as 1958 and Premium Package for the Land Cruiser and Premium Plus and Overtrail for the GX.

Land Cruiser GXLand Cruiser GX 3D

SEMA Tech Transfer members now have access to this data, ranging from individual components to the complete vehicle, including (but not limited to):

     • Full exterior.
     • Frame sections.  
     • Suspension.
     • Brake assemblies.
     • Wheels.
     • Exhaust system.
     • Air intake.
     • Rear Cargo.
     • And much more.

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Land Cruiser GX 3D