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New Products From Hoosier Racing Tire, ProCharger and Milwaukee Tool

By SEMA News Editors

Hoosier Racing Tire
ST Tire Line
Hoosier ST

The new consolidated tire provides oval asphalt competitors with a versatile line that can be used at most tracks or series. Enabling teams to carry less inventory and eliminating the need for constant adjustments for different tracks.

'24 C8 Supercharger Kit
ProCharger C8

The '24 C8 ProCharger supercharger kits build upon the development and experience of the '20-'23 model years, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability, according to the manufacturer, and are designed to add 230 hp on pump gas.

Milwaukee Tool
ROLL-ON 7,200w/3,600w 2.5 kWh Power Supply
Milwaukee Tool

The new Milwaukee Tool ROLL-ON 7,200-w/3,600w 2.5-kWh Power Supply features a non-removable, REDLITHIUM integrated 2.5-kWh battery with the capability to supply continuous running power to support two to four operators per unit. The ROLL-ON is equipped with two 20-amp GFCI duplex outlets with circuit breakers, one USB-C and one USB-A.

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