Councils & Networks

Make an Impact: Leadership Opportunities Open for SEMA Councils and Networks

By Ashley Reyes

SEMA council and network select committee member volunteers are vital to the association, bringing insight and knowledge to assist SEMA staff in providing its members with essential resources for career and business growth.

From developing solutions to strengthen the aftermarket to creating awareness with legislative leaders, select committee volunteers help drive action and ideas to lead the nine SEMA communities, and their market segments, to success.

Select committee volunteers are elected by the council or network they represent through a nomination process. Elected leaders meet throughout the year to develop programs, events and education opportunities that will be of value to its council or network membership.

ARMO Select committe

For many, volunteering is a way to utilize their passion to be a part of something bigger. Todd Steen of Jackson Marketing Group started his volunteer journey with the Wheel & Tire Council (now the Wheel, Tire, Suspension, & Brake Council) select committee, moving his way up to chair-elect, chair, and now immediate past chair. "Volunteering with SEMA offers you opportunity to meet new people, grow your network and form solid relationships that can have a lasting impact on your career," said Steen. "It also offers a chance to hone skills and gain a new perspective on our industry."

In-person networking events, educational webinars, market-specific programs, online membership meetings and leadership development programs are just a few examples of successful SEMA programs introduced by select committee volunteers.

"SEMA is a direct reflection of our industry and very much like a diamond; the deeper you look, the more facets you see," said former Professional Restylers Organization Select Committee Chair BJ Leanse of The AAM Group. "The resources, benefits and opportunities that SEMA provides really begin when you get in gear and engage. When you do, you can buckle up and enjoy the ride."

Elected select committee member volunteers serve a minimum two-year term and must be a member of the council or network that they volunteer for. They are asked to contribute 5-10 hours per month pending their volunteer commitments and are required to attend monthly meetings, an annual long-range planning meeting and a council summit every other year.

Nominations to volunteer on a SEMA council and network select committee are open now until April 19.