Don't Wait: Claim Exclusive Perks and Discounts in the SEMA Member Portal

By Ashley Reyes

SEMA business members can access a wealth of business-building benefits tailored to their needs by logging into their SEMA Member Portal. Available at, the portal is the ultimate hub for SEMA business members and their employees to take advantage of the many industry programs, discounts and education opportunities available to them. 

Here's how the portal can boost your business:  

Connect with market-specific industry communities.  

Whether your business is in hot rods, restoration, racing, restyling, trucks, wheels or suspension, there's a SEMA council that's right for your company. Join a SEMA council to gain access to exclusive programs and resources targeted specifically to your market segment.  

Likewise, you can join a SEMA network for additional career and networking opportunities. SEMA networks are available to individuals within your company who share common industry interests and characteristics.  

Joining a SEMA council or network offers a host of benefits, including exclusive invitations to networking events throughout the year, volunteer and leadership opportunities and access to a community of professionals and friends who share your same passion.

Member Portal

Save money when bringing products to market.  

The SEMA Garages in Diamond Bar, California, and Plymouth, Michigan, offer the tools, technology and services that business members need to get their innovations to market--as well as the space necessary to work efficiently and accurately. Claim your SEMA Garage member benefit to enjoy member-exclusive pricing on services like 3D scanning and printing, ADAS testing, vehicle measuring sessions, emissions testing, and access to state-of-the-art installation and training centers.

SEMA Garage

Streamline your business with comprehensive product data.  

By claiming the SEMA Data member benefit, manufacturers can receive discounted, complete and flexible product data management, along with the tools and services to empower them to get going fast. Likewise, resellers can access the largest source of product data in the automotive specialty-equipment industry, along with tools and services to get them up and running.


Download SEMA Market Research Reports for FREE  

Claim your SEMA Market Research benefit to access an arsenal of reports filled with data and insights on consumer behavior, purchasing habits, industry trends and sales figures--all specific to the automotive specialty-equipment market. The reports are available to SEMA business members for free (a $2,000 savings off the non-member price) and include detailed insights to help readers make more informed decisions for their business.

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Don't wait; access your SEMA member benefits by logging into your SEMA Member Portal at If you need help accessing your exclusive portal, send us an email at