SEMA Launches Reimagined Magazine With Fresh Content, Design

The January SEMA Magazine coverBy SEMA News Editors

SEMA has officially launched the reimagining of SEMA Magazine, marking a pivotal moment in its communication strategy as part of the recent bolstering of the SEMA editorial department.

The monthly publication, exclusive to SEMA members, transforms industry engagement and departs from tradition with a fresh perspective. Readers will notice bigger, bolder storytelling with compelling narratives and sleek visuals that mirror the vibrancy of the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas, capturing and inspiring the movement it represents. 

"The new editorial focus brings together the association's initiatives, programs and awards, and spotlights the individuals and products behind them," said Editorial Director Jason Mulroney. "Beginning with the special January 'Show Issue,' SEMA Magazine will drive momentum, foster interest and increase audience engagement." 

"The Show Issue" includes highlights of the history-making 2023 SEMA Show--such as spotlights on award-winners, new vehicles and career-advancing education. Emerging trends are also showcased, like electric vehicles, alternative fuels and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Coverage also includes a look at SEMA Fest's incredible Vegas debut and how social media is changing customer service.

Spearheaded by Mulroney and Group Art Director Paul Graff, the entire editorial team has worked tirelessly to craft what SEMA contends is the best publication to date. 

Members, look for the newly designed SEMA Magazine in your inbox throughout the year. If you aren't already a member, sign up to receive exclusive benefits at