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New Products From KBS Coatings, RealTruck

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KBS Coatings
BlackTop Chassis Coater
The BlackTop Chassis Coater

KBS Coatings BlackTop Chassis Coater is a high-performance protective coating designed for use on automotive frames, floor pans, suspension components, engine compartments, body panels and more. The coating can be applied directly to prepared metal, primed surfaces, and other paints and coatings, according to the company, and is available in gloss black, OEM satin black and flat black.

The coating is designed to be chemical resistant, heat resistant to 500°F and can be applied to prepared surfaces by brush, roller or spray equipment. An aerosol version is also available.


Overlanding Accessories
A man opening a RealTruck GoTent mounted to a GoRack

RealTruck, the aftermarket accessories manufacturer and retailer, has introduced a new line of overlanding accessories. The all-new, exclusive line of products includes the GoRack, GoTent and Overland Awning.

Made from adjustable, heavy-duty steel, the GoRack offers mid-height clearance and variable mounting configurations, integrated MOLLE side panels and a 1,000-lb. static/600-lb. dynamic weight rating, providing enough support to mount rooftop tents, accessories and off-road equipment, the company said. Measuring 7x4.3-ft. and 5.25-ft. tall, the GoTent is designed to be rugged and waterproof, while easy to set up and break down. With a pull-out design and stainless-steel hardware, the 6.5x8.2-ft. Overland Awning is designed to be durable, water-repellant and easy to set up, the company said.