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Great News: Three Candidates Supported by SEMA Driving Force Action Win in VA Election

By the SEMA Washington, D.C., office

Great news for Virginia industry members! Three of the four candidates that SEMA's Driving Force Action had supported in their independent expenditure efforts won their contests to be Virginia's next state senators. SEMA congratulates Virginia Senators-elect Emily Brewer, Danny Diggs and Tara Durant for their recent victories.


(left to right) Virginia Senators-elect Emily Brewer, Danny Diggs and Tara Durant were supported in their efforts by SEMA's Driving Force Action.

Throughout the campaign, Driving Force Action made significant gains in educating voters and consumers in the Commonwealth about the limits of our freedom to choose the cars we love and the choices that best suit our families' needs. This election is a significant step forward for future elections and our commitment to repealing the state's impending ban on internal combustion engines. 

As a result of this year's efforts, car enthusiasts emerged from this election stronger, more united and more determined than ever to protect our rights. SEMA Driving Force Action voices its hope that those elected will take notice of this issue and recognize the desire of Virginia consumers to have their freedom of vehicle choice protected. And that Virginians, not Californians, should make their own state laws.

SEMA knows the industry faces an uphill battle, but we will continue to fight for our freedom by educating lawmakers about this ill-conceived policy and that consumers stand by their freedom to choose the vehicles that best suit their needs.

This week's elections were only a first step in SEMA Driving Force Action's dedicated effort to repeal Virginia's law that bans ICE and ICE products. 

Driving Force Action, a project of SEMA, is dedicated to upholding the joy of driving and safeguarding the future for auto enthusiasts everywhere. If you're a devoted car lover, a gearhead, a car mechanic or even an auto business owner, Driving Force Action is your community. 

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