Immerse Yourself in the Rich History of Automotive Culture at the SEMA Art Walk in Central Hall

By Kenny Wright and SEMA News Editors

This year's SEMA Show Art Walk, Booth #24757Booth #24857Booth #24957Central Hall, is teeming with aisles of authentic works of art like oil paintings, drawings and quality photography celebrating the rich history of the automotive culture and motorsports.

Art Walk

Stop by the 2023 SEMA Show Art Walk for aisles of authentic automotive artwork by renowned artists.

"It's great to be here [exhibiting in the Art Walk]! I'm a builder working with an artist, and it's cool to have a place to show off our work," said Dan Harden, Max Grundy Design, Iola, Kansas.

In addition, this year's Art Walk features the expansive Chip Foose Experience, Booth #24743, Central Hall, exclusively featuring the artwork of the industry icon and official 2023 SEMA Show artist, Chip Foose.

If you love cars and have an eye for art, then the 2023 SEMA Show Art Walk is your destination. This exhibit features unique and creative pieces of creative work, from some of the best automotive artists in the industry.

Chip Foose Experience

Visit the Chip Foose Experience next to the SEMA Show Art Walk to see beautiful vehicle builds alongside original artwork by Chip Foose.

Be sure to also stop by the Chip Foose Experience to discover a passionate display of classic vehicles and innovative builds capped by original art created by Foose, captivate the eye as you're surrounded by beautiful vehicles that are a testament to quality building and stylish design. Whether you're a fan of Chip Foose, a car enthusiast or someone who appreciates art, this exhibition has something for you.

"The Chip Foose Experience is super cool because it blends the love of art and cars… It would be great to see this kind of thing expand more at future SEMA Shows, so that this unique segment of the industry can gather in one place, and continue to grow the business of automotive art," said Travis Rasmussen, of Meguiar's Inc., SEMA Show exhibitor.

The SEMA Show Art Walk (Booth #24757Booth #24857Booth #24957) and Chip Foose Experience (Booth #24743) are all conveniently located in one location in Central Hall. Bring home a memory that will last a lifetime at the SEMA Show Art Walk!