SEMA Show Highlights

FutureTech Studio Wows Attendees With Innovative Builds

By Kenny Wright and Mike Imlay

The SEMA FutureTech Studio in Central Hall is seeing high levels of footFutureTech Studio traffic at the 2023 SEMA Show, now through November 3 in Las Vegas. This exclusive SEMA Show feature allows attendees to learn about what the future of vehicle propulsion looks like with the newest technology and innovations in alternate fuels and electric vehicles (EVs). 

Buyer Chad Hrencecin of Electrified Garage found the SEMA FutureTech Studio to be especially helpful for his Ocala, Florida-based EV repair garage. "A lot of people are realizing [EV and alternate fuels] are not going away. We've been working with Legacy EV, Torque Trends and a lot of companies that are here to make new conversions and one-off projects," said Hrencecin, who also told us he's an off-road enthusiast. "I'm an off-roader guy, and there's this EV conversion over here, the sand rail, with a VW off-road chassis with an EV conversion on it. I haven't seen anything like that before." 


Trulers' "Bugjuiced" VW sandrail features a 10-kW system featuring 15A/110V overnight charging and approximately a 100-mile range.

FutureTech Studio exhibitor Lightship RV of Boulder, Colorado, was thrilled to have its offerings on display in the exclusive Show floor feature.

"We love being in the FutureTech area. We've found a lot of people are really interested in this area, and it's good because people see what's new and innovative in the space," said Amanda Winther of Lightship RV, Boulder, Colorado, which is exhibiting its all-electric recreation vehicle (RV) in the FutureTech Studio.

"We've been to other shows for our market, but [the SEMA Show] is the biggest and a dream come true for us to be here with our RV," said Ben Parker of Lightship RV in Boulder, Colorado. "We start production and go to market in 2024, so being at the SEMA Show now is a huge deal for us."


This innovative build by eFlexPro features a fully automatic E85 flex fuel conversion system, which benefits include an increase in up to 20% power gains over pump gas. 

The SEMA FutureTech Studio is part of the new EV and Future Propulsion section (find it on the SEMA Show floorplan here) that has evolved from the popular SEMA Electrified exhibit in years prior.

The immersive Show environment features parts and equipment that cater to the new technology and products, as well as vehicles that highlight how these are employed. 

"This is our first time here at the SEMA Show and so far, it's been great. This year, the Show has really done a lot more to promote the EV community, and it feels good to be here," said Chris Hazell of Legacy EV, a FutureTech exhibitor.

The exhibit also includes a SEMA Education stage, named FutureTech LIVE, where industry leaders discuss different propulsion technology, including EV, hybrid, hydrogen, alternative fuels and other technological advancements. 

Among the FutureTech Studio highlights is a revolutionary, full-electric RV by Lightship RV. The solar-powered build impressed attendees with its clean, stylish and spacious interior and is something you have to see in person!

Find the SEMA FutureTech Studio on the SEMA Show floorplan here.