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SEMA Garage Launches New Electric Vehicle (EV) Range Testing Service

By SEMA Editors

The SEMA Garage is excited to announce the addition of a new service, ElectricEV SEMA Garage Vehicle (EV) Range Testing

Available to all SEMA and PRI members, SEMA Garage facilities initially built emissions test cells equipped with AVL chassis dynamometers for California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order testing and certification. Starting with SEMA Garage Detroit, that emissions test cell is now capable of expanding into the battery electric vehicle (BEV) business.

EV range testing is becoming an essential testing capability in the automotive industry. Clients range from OEMs and low-volume replica vehicle manufacturers to aftermarket makers of performance-enhancing products seeking validation for their innovations. The SEMA Garage Detroit test cell has been equipped with the following equipment in order to perform testing according to the SAE J1634 specifications:

  • AVL 4-Wheel Drive, 48-inch Roll, Emissions Chassis Dynamometer.
  • AVL X-Meter.
  • Clipper Creek CS-100, Level-2 EV Charger, with 19.2 kW variable output.

In addition, both SEMA Garage facilities have been equipped with multiple Level-1 EV chargers for general charging needs when an EV is on-site and when they host Measuring Session events for EVs. SEMA Garage Installation Centers also plan to introduce high-voltage tools and equipment designed to enhance the safety around EV product development, which will be available to SEMA members.

Visit the SEMA Garage EV webpage for updates.

For more information, contact SEMA Director of Vehicle Technology Luis Morales at