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FLN Member Spotlight: Andrew Hodgson of Timbren Industries

By SEMA Editors

The SEMA Future Leaders Network (FLN) has named Andrew Hodgson,FLN executive vice president at Timbren Industries, as the network's newest spotlight member.  

Get to know Hodgson in his interview with SEMA News below.

SEMA News: What is the best advice you have ever received?  

Andrew Hodgson: Take care of people and have the best product available. This has shaped how we treat our customers and team members. It has driven us to keep testing and developing until we create the best suspension products on the market. 

SN: What keeps you in the industry?  

AH: My grandfather, Arnold Heron, started Timbren, so I've grown up around the business and have a strong sense of family legacy, which definitely keeps me around. But more than that, it's the people in this industry and the relationships I've made over the past 14 years that keep me coming back for more. 

SN: Where can you be found on a Saturday?  

AH: In the winter, you can find me on a snowboard somewhere. In the summer, it's all about mountain biking or being by the lake with family. 

SN: How do you prepare for an important meeting?  

AH: Do my homework, know who I'm talking to and the nature of the meeting, and show up ready to be an active contributor, not just a bump-on-a-log. I do this when meeting with direct reports as well as anyone I report too. My goal is to be a value-add, not an energy-suck. Showing up ready and prepped is all the difference. 

SN: If you could go to lunch with one industry leader, living or dead, who would it be?  

AH: I'd love to sit down with Henry Ford and talk about everything from leadership and vision to designing the first Model T. 

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