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Bjorn Noack of Bosch Shares Advancements in Biofuel Development in New Video


By SEMA Editors

As the aftermarket continues to look at fuel alternatives, biofuels may become the in-between that automobile manufacturers can use for performance internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles alongside their electric vehicle fleet.

Hear from Ian Lehn, founder of BOOSTane, and Bjorn Noack, director at Bosch in a new video linked here (and embedded below), from the SEMA Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN) as they explore where the aftermarket and internal combustion engines (ICE) will be in the next 15 years.

By watching the video, you'll gain insight into legislation supporting and hindering biofuel development, companies currently investing in this technology and whether or not the average enthusiast has access to biofuels. Watch it now! 

Note: The video is a continuation of the ETTN Facebook live chat that covered biofuels in 2021.