2023 SEMA Show Must-See Features and Can't-Miss Events

SEMA Show floor, lead image

By Douglas McColloch

The SEMA Show offers an attendee experience like no other trade show on the planet. It's the best place to see thousands of the newest automotive performance products from new and iconic exhibitors, discover the latest product and vehicle trends, and develop essential skills by attending any one of the dozens of free education sessions--all of which are led by top industry professionals. Come Show time, we expect more than 2,100 exhibiting companies and 150,000 attendees to convene at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the week of October 31--November 3, making the SEMA Show the premier showcase for the specialty-equipment market and one of the best-attended industry trade shows in North America.


With an estimated attendance of 150,000 for 2023, the SEMA Show continues to be the premier annual showcase for the specialty-equipment market and one of the bestattended trade shows in North America.

While the SEMA Show floor is organized by category and booths to improve navigation, an ideal way to simplify the Show experience is with the 2023 SEMA Show app, which contains detailed exhibitor information, interactive floor plans and daily event information--all accessible from mobile devices. The Show app also features a scanning function that allows attendees to capture product information from the New Products Showcase and exhibitor information from feature vehicles on display. The app puts the entire SEMA Show in your pocket, and it's available as a free download from your mobile device's native app store or by logging on to or just search SEMA Show in your app store. What follows is a brief overview of some of the 2023 Show's more notable features and events.

SEMA Awards Presentation Silver Drive

Outside the Central Hall Entrance

• Monday, October 30, 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

The annual SEMA Awards, given to the top-trending vehicle models in six categories, will be presented Monday, October 30, the day before the SEMA Show officially opens. Dubbed the "Monday Reveal," the awards are presented to automakers for the SEMA Car of the Year, SEMA Fullsize Truck of the Year, SEMA 4x4-SUV of the Year, SEMA Midsize Truck of the Year, SEMA Sport Compact of the Year and SEMA EV of the Year. SEMA Award winners are determined and voted on by SEMA Show exhibiting manufacturers to recognize vehicles that manufacturers are investing in and developing products for. The program heightens awareness for aftermarket products and exemplifies the industry's partnership between automakers and aftermarket manufacturers that develop products to improve vehicle performance, safety and convenience as well as appearance and comfort.

SEMA Central, Grand Lobby

• Monday, October 30-Thursday, November 2, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
• Friday, November 3, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
SEMA Central

SEMA Central, in the convention center's Grand Lobby, is the Show’s main hub and the location for custom vehicle builds and center-stage interviews with some of the industry’s leading figures.

SEMA Central is ground zero for Showgoers looking for immersive experiences and to connect with industry thought leaders. Visit this hub to see top-tier vehicle builds and center-stage interviews with iconic personalities. There's even a boutique shop to outfit you with the latest SEMA Gear.

SEMA Show Kick-Off Breakfast, Westgate Paradise Event Center

• Tuesday, October 31, 7:30 a.m.

Start your Show experience with the latest innovations from New Product Award winners as well as the presentation of the Manufacturer of the Year and the Channel Partner of the Year awards. Enjoy a full breakfast and network with a global community even before the Show officially opens.

The New Products Showcase, North Hall, Booth #10061

The SEMA Show's most popular exhibit, the New Products Showcase, is a must-see destination for buyers and media in search of the latest and most exciting products hitting the aftermarket. This year, the Showcase encompasses one continuous space of 30,000 sq. ft. located in North Hall and will display thousands of new and featured products, with scanning made possible through the SEMA Show mobile app. This aids buyers and media in connecting with product information and mapping their way to the exhibiting companies on the Show floor.

Art Walk, Central Hall

SEMA Show Art Walk

The SEMA Show's annual Art Walk provides Showgoers an opportunity to pick up some artwork for their office or shop and to meet some of their favorite automotive artists.

SEMA Showgoers can find a wide selection of authentic artwork crafted by popular industry artists on display at the SEMA Show Art Walk, which will be a showcase of Central Hall in booths #24857, 24957 and 25057. Some of the automotive industry's premier artists will be exhibiting their latest creations in the Art Walk, which celebrates the automotive lifestyle. Executed in a variety of media, their works comprise an extensive offering of pieces that will complement any home or office. Make a plan to go by, say hello and pick up some great examples of automotive art!

Feature Vehicle Displays, Various Locations

The SEMA Show is renowned for the innovative parts and accessories displayed on show vehicles representing every industry niche, from cars and trucks to powersports. Much more than rolling works of art, the vehicles offer an in-person look at real-life applications of the aftermarket's latest trends and most impressive products. Located throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center, inside and out, the displays connect with Showgoers as an extension to the exhibit booths of the product creators. The SEMA Show app features a scanning function that allows attendees to quickly capture product and exhibitor information from feature vehicles on display throughout the Show.

SEMA Overland Experience, Diamond Lot Booth #71000

With many similarities and connections to off-roading, adventure travel, aka overlanding, has strong roots in Australia and South Africa, and in the United States, its popularity has exploded over the past decade. Buyers at the 2023 SEMA Show will be able to see products and vehicles specifically for overlanding in the SEMA Overland Experience area, which relocates outdoors to the Diamond Lot adjacent to West Hall. This special exhibit will include dozens of customized vehicles with fully popped-out tents, survival accessories and portable kitchen systems all displayed among exhibitors supporting the growing overlanding market.

SEMA Future Tech Studio, Central Hall, Booth #24401

As a trade association, SEMA looks down the road for emerging trends and new technology in performance and hot rodding, and it views vehicle electrification and alternative propulsion systems as a modern-day expression of those enthusiast pursuits. The new SEMA Future Tech Studio will explore the latest in EV and alternative fuel sources, offering the industry an opportunity to see where this growing segment might take us in the next five to 10 years and beyond. Experience for yourself the surprising technologies that are advancing and redefining the performance aftermarket. You'll encounter some incredible custom conversions along with exhibiting companies that are driving innovation in the market.

Press Conferences

Press conferences featuring vehicle unveilings are among the most eagerly anticipated events at the SEMA Show. Here, Mike and Jim Ring take the wraps off their award-winning '48 Chevy truck at the Mothers Polishes booth at the 2022 SEMA Show.

Global Tire Expo, Powered by TIA

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) represents the tire and wheel segment of the SEMA Show. It's the place where the global tire industry gathers each year for educational tracks, press conferences and management seminars. Each year, TIA also hosts an annual cocktail reception, an industry awards ceremony, and a golf tournament to benefit TIA's Government Affairs program. For 2023, TIA's educational track focuses on the tire and TPMS issues that must be addressed in the shop and management issues related to the best practices in operation, marketing and risk management for companies that sell and service tires. TIA is located in lower South Hall at booth #40067. For a full listing of this year's TIA events, visit

SEMA Garage: ADAS, Emissions, Product Development

Upper South Hall, Booth #36007

The SEMA Garage: ADAS, Emissions, Product Development area will introduce an expanded showcase for 2023 with a focus on new product development and emissions technologies. The 6,600-sq.-ft. feature area will still provide attendees with a forum to learn from subject-matter experts, to exchange knowledge and ADAS best practices, and to gain hands-on experience with ADAS tools and equipment. The dedicated space will also host a variety of ADAS-related products for examination and review, and mock ADAS recalibration demonstrations throughout the week will guide Showgoers through the step-by-step process of integrating ADAS protocols into the workplace. The new exhibit's aim is to assist in member education, to improve industry awareness of ADAS systems and their impact on the aftermarket, and to provide marketing and networking opportunities between buyers and sellers.

SEMA Industry Awards Banquet, Westgate Paradise Event Center

• Thursday, November 2, 6:00 p.m. (reception), 7:00 p.m. (dinner and celebration)

Join the annual celebration of the specialty-equipment industry and experience unique entertainment, industry trends, networking and an evening to remember. This once-a-year extravaganza provides the backdrop for several industry awards and a few surprises.

SEMA Battle of The Builders, North Hall, Booth #10967

Since its debut in 2014, SEMA's premier showcase of the builder's art has become one of the Show's biggest attractions. It returns for 2023 and runs all during Show Week before culminating at the competition final on Friday, November 3, in North Hall. Forty of the world's most creative builds will be judged by a panel of industry experts, with the Top 12 vehicles advancing to the finals in four distinct categories: Hot Rod/Hot Rod Truck, 4-Wheel Drive& Off-Road, Sport/Compact, Import Performance, Luxury & Exotic and Young Guns (builders under age 29). The winning vehicles will lead the procession at SEMA Cruise, which takes place immediately after the winners are announced.

SEMA Cruise Presented by CTEK, Silver Drive

SEMA Cruise

Open to the public on the Show’s final day, SEMA Cruise Presented by CTEK gathers hundreds of Show vehicles in a four-wheeled caravan that attracts thousands of cheering spectators and social-media attention along the cruise route.

Vehicles from the 2023 SEMA Show begin parading out of the LVCC at Show close--4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 3--to the delight of thousands of fans in grandstands along the route. More than 1,000 vehicles will take part in the SEMA Cruise Presented by CTEK. Spectators have a ringside seat to view the coolest cars, and the Cruise has become one of the Show's most anticipated events and generates millions of social-media impressions, exciting enthusiasts across the world.

LVCC Loop West Hall, Central Hall, Lower South Hall

Walking the SEMA Show floor can eat into valuable time, so Showgoers looking to maximize their efficiency during Show Week can take advantage of the new LVCC Loop. A 1.5-mi. subway tunnel that connects West, Central and South Halls at three dedicated stations, the Boring Company-built Loop can save time by transporting attendees from one end of the LVCC to another in roughly four minutes, and the system can transport more than 4,000 passengers per hour. For 2023, the LVCC Loop has officially opened a fourth station, the Resorts World Passenger Station, providing direct access to and from the LVCC. Riders can now access the Resorts World station from any of the LVCC stations (South, Central, West and Riviera Stations). There is currently no charge to travel between stations at the LVCC or from the LVCC to the Resorts World Station. Visit to purchase tickets for rides departing from Resorts World. Hours of operation will vary. While all of the information contained in this article was accurate at the time this issue went to press, be sure to visit or the SEMA Show app ( for the latest updates and schedules.

SEMA Show 2023 Education Tracks

As part of SEMA's initiative to create a more robust career- and professional-development program year-round, the 2023 SEMA Show will feature a fully customizable hands-on education program that focuses on leadership and skill development, networking, exploration of emerging trends, and industry best practices. Attendees will be able to use this year's program to jump-start and create a comprehensive year-long educational program. Among the highlights of the 2023 SEMA Show Program are 99 sessions by subject-matter experts, beginning Monday, October 30, to provide wider access to education. Additionally, six highly focused SEMA Education tracks are on tap. They are: 

Inside the Shop: Designed for aspiring builders, service technicians and shop owners, this track's presenters include leading builders in the hot-rod, restoration, truck, off-road and restyling markets sharing expertise and experiences from their respective industries. Participants will come away with fresh understanding and practical skills to prepare their shop for new-technology vehicles, including electric vehicles (EVs). 

Aftermarket Updates and Future Trends: This series will dive into automotive aftermarket trends set to impact businesses in 2023 and beyond. Participants will glean new insights into the aftermarket industry and economy--strengthening their brand and better strategizing their business' future. 

Small-Business Strategy: Seminars and featured events in this track examine proven business strategies and best practices to help every company prosper. Topics tackle some of business's hottest issues, including DEI-associated challenges and opportunities, inspiring a team in the office or remote, increasing revenue, understanding private equity and much more. 

Sales and Marketing: The world of social media and digital marketing is fast-paced and ever-changing. This series will help participants understand and make sense of marketing opportunities within top social-media platforms, changes in the different platforms, the latest digital marketing trends, and how to grow with them. 

Vehicle Technology and Electric Vehicles: With the EV market and vehicle technologies on the rise, this highly informative track is for entrepreneurs seeking insight into these emerging spaces and the challenges and opportunities they present. Leading experts will address advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), electric and autonomous vehicles, business strategies and more. 

Legal and Regulatory: From local to state and federal levels, the auto aftermarket is faced with greater legislative and regulatory challenges than ever before. In this track, experts will present the latest developments in emissions compliance and certification, patents and trademarks, and how to meet current requirements while advocating for change.

Other notable education tracks include: Women in Automotive Symposium, including a Micro Learning Lab Experience consisting of four professional-development workshops, keynotes, power networking luncheon and a C-Suite Insights panel. Dale Carnegie Leadership Essentials program, a six-part series by executive coaches from the world-renown Dale Carnegie Program that are designed to enhance leadership skills. Access to most education programs are included as a benefit to registration. For more information about this year's Education Program, visit

SEMA Legacy EV Technician Certification Program 

For industry technicians looking to expand their customer-service base to include owners of EVs, battery EV conversion company Legacy EV is hosting a day-long EV certification program at the 2023 SEMA Show. The program, featuring both lectures and lab work, will provide a brand-agnostic and hands-on training opportunity for automotive techs to upskill themselves with a new understanding of EV powertrains. The one-day course will focus on the fundamental functions of EV powertrains and will explore key high-voltage safety practices. Those who complete this course will receive an EV101 certification from Legacy EV. During training, attendees will get to work with real EV powertrains and tooling on Legacy EV training benches. Subjects to be covered include EV tooling and specifications, EV safety, zero voltage verification, block diagrams, verifying functionality, and vehicle data and design. This EV 101 Certification is a gateway to full EV certification; it's an entry-level course that represents approximately 10% of the required course competencies to become fully EV-certified. Total cost of the program is $600, which can be applied towards a full Legacy EV Certified Technician course. The program is scheduled for Monday, October 30, 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. in North Hall. For more information, visit

SEMA Show Continuing Education: Collision Repair & Refinish 

The SEMA Show offers a variety of education tracks throughout the week, and two that are especially relevant in an era of ADAS and electrification are the education tracks presented by the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) and the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS). I-CAR Collision Repair Training: The I-CAR training series includes a MIG welding classroom and hands-on demonstrations for collision repairers and builders/rebuilders. Classes cover electronic system calibration, repair process coordination and managing quality control. SCRS: Repairer Driven Education (RDE): The RDE series provides SEMA Show attendees access to world-class education addressing core issues faced in today's collision repair businesses. Led by renowned industry experts, the program is designed to re-energize a business with implementable solutions to real challenges. The series includes classroom sessions Monday, October 30, through Wednesday, November 1; the OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit on Thursday, November 2; and the popular IDEAS Collide Showcase on Friday, November 3. The Repair Driven Education series provides Show attendees access to world-class education. For a full listing of these and other educational tracks occurring during Show week, visit

Register for the 2023 SEMA Show Before Price Increase

SEMA Show management is dedicated to making the event as cost-effective as possible for all. Registration is $60 through September 29 and $120 after that date. 

Registering early allows attendees to take advantage of the best rates and receive all the necessary information for planning their SEMA Show experience. Early registration also ensures that attendees will receive their badges in the mail before this year's event. 

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