Action Required: New Jersey Seeks to Ban Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

By the SEMA D.C. office

New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has published a SEMA-opposed regulation that, if approved, would require the state to adopt California's latest motor vehicle emissions laws and outlaw the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered cars beginning in 2035. New Jersey has historically followed California's tailpipe laws.

Click here to submit comments--opposing the regulations that would outlaw the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered cars--to New Jersey's DEP by October 20, 2023.

SEMA believes that New Jersey's residents, not the government, should decide what vehicles are best for them and their families. The automotive industry is embracing new technology to make cars cleaner and more efficient, which includes hydrogen, new synthetic fuels, alternative fuels and improvements to the internal combustion engine (ICE). The government should allow the market to continue to innovate all forms of technology that significantly reduce vehicle emissions, not just electric vehicles (EVs).    

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