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SBN Webinar Panel Highlights Importance of Male-Ally Programs

By Ashley Reyes

The first two sessions of the SEMA Businesswomen's NetworkSBN (SBN) Male-Ally Webinar series provided members with examples and knowledge of a male ally in the automotive aftermarket.

A panel of aftermarket leaders will now come together to share actionable ideas for applying a male-ally program into an organization during the webinar series' final session, "Looking to the Future," on September 19 at 12:00 p.m. PDT/ 3:00 p.m. EDT. 

Featuring Rachel Speir of RS Marqueting as moderator and speakers Seth Metzger of Dana Incorporated, Matt Reasoner of Truck Hero and Dana Wilke of the Jessi Combs Foundation, the session will leave viewers inspired and equipped to start a male-ally program that empowers and supports women in their aftermarket roles. 

Attendees will learn:  

  • Tips for starting a male-ally program in their workplace. 
  • How to get upper management to see the value of a male-ally program. 
  • Ways to measure success of these efforts within an organization. 
  • How employees can facilitate being a male ally to women. 
  • How can females support a male-ally program. 
  • How to ensure male-ally efforts are sustained in the company culture. 

This session will give participants the tools to bridge the "why" of male allies' importance with the "how" of making them part of any work culture.  Register today!