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Breaking: Aftermarket Defeat Devices Removed From EPA's Top Enforcement Priorities List

By the SEMA D.C. office

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hasCapitol released its final National Enforcement and Compliance Initiative (NECI) for 2024 through 2027, outlining its top enforcement priorities for the coming years. The EPA did not include "Stopping Aftermarket Defeat Device for Vehicles and Engines" on the NECI list. The agency returned enforcement of aftermarket parts to a standard "core" priority as it had been for many years until 2020.

"The EPA's decision to remove enforcement against aftermarket products from the NECI and return it to a standard priority is a recognition of our industry's commitment to emissions compliance and the progress we've made," said SEMA President and CEO Mike Spagnola. "I am proud of the investments SEMA has made to ensure our member companies are able to sell high-performance, emissions-compliant products that millions of automotive enthusiasts demand. SEMA looks forward to working with the EPA to provide aftermarket businesses with clear and consistent guidance regarding the types of modifications that are legal, as well as an effective certification program that companies can rely on."

The EPA proposed the NECI list of priorities in January for 2024 to 2027. Click here to read SEMA's official comment submitted earlier this year supporting the EPA's preliminary decision to remove "stopping aftermarket defeat devices for vehicles and engines" from the NECI. SEMA also worked with U.S. Representative Greg Pence (R-IN) and 12 bipartisan members of the U.S. House of Representatives who sent a letter to the EPA in support of the agency moving on from its enhanced enforcement against aftermarket parts. 

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The SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar, California and Plymouth, Michigan, provide emissions testing facilities to help our members demonstrate that their products are emissions-compliant at an affordable cost. The CARB-recognized SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar has helped aftermarket businesses gain approval for over 600 Executive Orders (EO). SEMA staff perform all tests (except for evaporative emissions) required for companies to obtain a CARB EO for gasoline and diesel vehicles. Building on the success of these efforts in California, SEMA has developed a robust test program designed to meet the requirements of the EPA's most recent tampering guidance, branded "SEMA Certified-Emissions," which provides aftermarket businesses with another path to demonstrate emissions compliance. For more information about SEMA Garage services, please visit