Market Snapshot

Access Consumer Insights From the 2023 SEMA Market Report to Supercharge Your Business

By Ashley Reyes


SEMA business members can access new research that will help them better understand how aftermarket consumers buy, sell and use specialty equipment parts by downloading the 2023 SEMA Market Report.

The report--which provides an overview of the size and scope of the U.S. specialty-equipment market--focuses heavily on consumer behavior and includes data on how vehicles are used, how aftermarket parts and accessories are installed, as well as what types of parts are bought and types of vehicles that are owned (segmented by age).

"Understanding your customers is essential for business success," said SEMA Director of Market Research Gavin Knapp. "The consumer insights section of this report offers critical research that businesses can use to better connect with their audience and elevate their strategies."

According to the report, younger drivers continue to be a very important and engaged part of the automotive specialty-equipment market. Younger drivers are more likely to be enthusiasts than older drivers and often buy more complex performance parts or accessories to make extensive modifications to their vehicles.

Post-pandemic, the industry is seeing some shift back to in-store shopping, though this industry has maintained a relatively large share of online purchases for many years. Many people, particularly younger shoppers, are turning to the purchase-online, in-store pickup options that have become available. These options combine the benefits of shopping from home, while also giving customers the immediacy of store pickup and the option to have a part professionally installed.

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