Exhibitors: Apply to Be Included in the Official SEMA Show Press Conference Schedule

By Marissa Guajardo

Exhibitors who are making breaking news announcements at the 2023 SEMAPress Conf Show that will be of interest to a large number of media can submit a press conference application here. The deadline to be part of the official 2023 SEMA Show Press Conference Schedule is Friday, August 4.

Once an application is submitted, exhibitors will receive an automatic email confirming their application was received. Those still waiting to receive a confirmation email or experiencing a technical problem are encouraged to reach out to the SEMA Public Relations team for assistance. 

Since media are not required to attend press conferences, many exhibitors also choose to reach out to media through an alternative means, such as submitting a press release through the Exhibitor Online Media Center.

To learn more about press conferences, the online media center or other PR resources for SEMA Show exhibitors, contact