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CalChamber Designates SEMA-Sponsored Vehicle Technology Bill as 'Job Creator'

By the SEMA D.C. Office

The California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber) has designated a SEMA-sponsored bill (SB 301) to create a financial rebate program for converting gas- and diesel-powered motor vehicles into zero-emissions-vehicles (ZEVs) as a "job creator." Authored by California Senator Anthony Portantino, the legislation will allow California to support small businesses and maintain its rich car culture while assisting consumers that want to convert their vehicles to cleaner engines.

SEMA is sponsoring the legislation, embracing the innovation of the auto industry as it works to make ZEV ownership more accessible following a similar bill introduced last year that passed in the Assembly with zero opposition. 

California has multiple programs, including the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP) and the Clean Cars for All Program, to promote the purchase of new ZEVs. However, none of these programs assist with ZEV conversions of gas-powered vehicles that started their life with an internal-combustion engine (ICE). 

SEMA encourages its members and enthusiasts in California to contact their lawmakers in support of SB 301. 

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