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SEMA Industry Awards: Nominate the Best in the Automotive Aftermarket

By Ashley Reyes

SEMA members are invited to submit their nominations for theAwards prestigious SEMA Industry Awards, which recognize outstanding businesses and individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry.

By recognizing the companies and individuals who have developed innovative solutions that meet the needs of passionate automotive enthusiasts everywhere, SEMA promotes the vitality of the specialty-equipment market and the achievements of its members.

Nominations are open now for:  

  • Person of the Year: Established to honor a person for their outstanding contributions to the automotive specialty-equipment market.  
  • Manufacturer of the Year: Honors a manufacturing company for its outstanding contributions and innovations.  
  • Channel Partner of the Year: Honors a sales channel partner for its outstanding service to the sales, distribution, retail and/or ecommerce channel(s) of the industry. This includes maintaining proper inventories to service its respective channel and exceeding standards in providing suppliers with input and regular communication to help their products and programs succeed. 
  • Gen-III Innovator of the Year: Honors a young, entrepreneurial individual, 40 years old or younger, who is creating innovative breakthroughs within the area(s) of industry opportunities, advancement, best business practices, technology and/or trends. 
  • Content Creator of the Year: Honors a content creator for their outstanding contributions to the automotive culture and for creating a positive impact with automotive enthusiasts. 

SEMA Industry Awards are the best way to recognize the hard work and dedication of the people and businesses who make a difference in our industry. Please take a few minutes to submit your nomination and help SEMA recognize the very best in our industry. Nominate now.  

You can also submit a recommendation form if you don’t have all the requested information to complete the nomination form. When you submit a recommendation form, the awards committee sends a nomination form to the person or business you recommend so they can complete their nomination.