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How to Prevent Battery Damage When Modifying Electric Vehicles

By Ashley Reyes

Battery management systems (BMS) are key to safe electric vehicle (EV)ETTN operation and affect vehicle performance and battery life. Knowing why they exist, what they do and how to use them is critical to prevent battery damage and maintain battery life when modifying an EV for increased performance.  

During the webinar "Battery Management Systems: Functions and Calibration" on Wednesday, June 7, at 1:00 p.m. (PDT), automotive aftermarket engineers and product developers will learn how to utilize and control the battery pack in EVs--including how to control the temperature of the BMS, track the battery's state of charge and balance performance during operation. Attendees will hear from Eddy Borysewicz, CEO and founder of Revolt Systems and an expert in EV conversions, and walk away with a deeper understanding of BMS systems and the importance of proper battery care. 

Borysewicz led his team to power the fastest EV on the planet in 2021, shattering world records at Bonneville for a top speed of 359 mph. Register for the webinar to tap into his expertise.