Law & Order

SEMA PAC 101: What, When, How and Why?

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

SEMA PACUnited States law restricts trade associations, including SEMA, from funding elections. A political action committee (PAC), however, allows these same companies and associations the ability to solicit their employees for voluntary donations to fund political campaigns during an election cycle. SEMA PAC supports lawmakers and candidates who stand up for the specialty automotive aftermarket industry and support policies that help our companies and the enthusiasts who modify their vehicles.

Why would SEMA need a PAC? Members of Congress do business in Washington, D.C., where despite the consistent flock of tourists, it is not exactly an ideal location for those in the aftermarket and racing industry. SEMA's Government Affairs team, however, is located centrally downtown, adjacent to the White House and a few minutes away from the Capitol. The SEMA PAC is an indispensable resource needed to advocate on behalf of the SEMA community as we work to protect the right to repair and modify vehicles and aftermarket businesses from excessive regulation, fight zero-emissions vehicle mandates and to expand motorized access to public lands.

Again, government rules require us to take an additional step before asking for your support. Click here to learn more about becoming prior approved.

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