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SEMA Council and Network Select Committee Applications Due Friday

By Ashley Reyes

Select CommitteeWhether you're a new or seasoned automotive aftermarket professional, multiple opportunities are available to help enhance the industry. Volunteering on a SEMA council or network select committee is a rewarding experience that makes a positive impact on the market. 

Select committee volunteers work alongside industry professionals from different market segments to provide valuable programs, events, education opportunities and other resources for the council or network membership.

Below are ways volunteering for a SEMA council or network can also benefit your career:

Adds experience to your resume: Volunteering on a select committee provides you with skills and experience related to your market niche. This can be added to a resume or cover letter to enhance your application.

Expands your professional network: Select committees consists of some of the brightest, most innovative individuals in the automotive aftermarket. Volunteering can help you strengthen relationships with colleagues, meet different personalities and gain new perspectives.

Gives you a sense of fulfillment: When you create value for members, you will gain fulfillment knowing that your contributions are making a positive impact on the automotive aftermarket community.

Helps you develop personal friendships: By volunteering, you'll develop social skills, meet new friends and work alongside individuals who have common interests and share a passion for the industry that you love.  

Allows you to make your voice heard: As a select committee member, you're able to prioritize the issues that you see as most important and have a voice at the table. You're able to make a difference in the areas that matter most.

Select committee applications are due Friday, April 21. Apply now.

Not ready for a leadership role? At-large volunteers on subcommittees are always needed too. Visit to learn about the nine councils and networks and contact a council or network director for more information.