Gain Additional Exposure at the SEMA Show: Apply for a Rig Space Now

By SEMA Editors

Rig SpaceThe SEMA Show is the ultimate destination for the world’s foremost automotive aftermarket buyers, media and influencers to connect and get business done. Located at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Show sprawls across millions of square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibit space, creating numerous brand presentation opportunities.

Rig Spaces at the SEMA Show are considered sponsorship opportunities. They are available in high-traffic, outside locations. To qualify for any sponsorship at the SEMA Show, a company must first be a qualified exhibitor. Not an exhibitor yet? Reserve your booth here.

The process works as follows:

  • Rig Space sponsors from the 2022 SEMA Show have first right of refusal for their space and must contract for this space by April 3 to keep it.
  • SEMA sales will then work with interested exhibitors on the remaining inventory based on the following:
  1. 2022 Rig Space sponsors who wish to relocate their Rig Space will have first choice.
  2. The remaining available spaces will be sold with priority based on SEMA Show seniority points.

Cost for a Rig Space is $20,000 for those utilizing the space for a trailer/rig only. Cost to use the space with build-out, including trussing, is $25,000. These exclusive opportunities include additional marketing opportunities designed to help boost ROI, including:

  • Full-page ad(s) in the October and November editions of SEMA News.
  •  ½-page ad in the official SEMA Show Pocket Guide.
  • 60-day web banner package.

Additional information can be found on the SEMA sponsorship brochure.

Contact your SEMA sales director for additional information or call 909-396-0289 or email