Watch Now: How Women in Motorsports Are Breaking Barriers

By Ashley Reyes

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Engaging the Next Generation of Women in Motorsports, Powered by SBN

Many may know the names of the four women speaking in this session, but few are aware of their stories. How did they get started in motorsports and why are they so dedicated to introducing more women into the sport? Their stories are moving and impactful, and will leave you inspired to join the movement.

  • Louise Ann Noeth (LandSpeed Productions): Referred to as “LandSpeed Louise,” the world’s historian of landspeed racing shares discoveries she made while researching her latest book about the women of Bonneville’s landspeed racing.
  • Dystany Spurlock (Dystany Spurlock Racing): Professional motorsport drag racer shares practical tips for women about how to get started in a sport dominated by men.
  • Beth Paretta (Paretta Autosport): The first female director of a performance brand and motorsports for an automotive company, Paretta made history in 2021 when she led the first team comprised primarily of women competing in the Indianapolis 500.
  • Michelle Della Penna (Della Penna Motorsports Next Gen Foundation): As the only child of a racecar driver/team owner, Della Penna was introduced to motorsports at an early age. Find out what led her to want to create programs designed to bring more females into the industry, and what she had planned for 2023 and 2024.
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