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New Products From Improved Racing, Hospeco Brands, Howell EFI and More

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TBC Brands

TBC Brands, a TBC Corp. company, introduced its first-ever tire dedicated to enhancing overall EV and hybrid performance. The ERANGE—specifically designed, constructed and tested for EV and hybrid applications—strategically addresses the need for tires that enhance EV and hybrid performance, help increase range and deliver a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

ERANGE EV tires are designed to increase the overall range on a single charge, ultimately delivering the best performance from an electric or hybrid vehicle. Utilizing Sailun’s Ecopoint 3 liquid phase mixing technology, the ERANGE has the right balance of long-lasting tire life without sacrificing grip or traction on wet and dry road surfaces.

Drop-In Brushless Fuel Pumps for ’11–’20 Ford Mustangs

Aeromotive has developed Direct Drop-In Brushless Fuel Pumps for all ’11–’20 Ford Mustangs, excluding GT500s. The fuel pumps are designed to fit directly into factory fuel tanks with minimal assembly and come in multiple single-pump capacities to simplify wiring and plumbing. They are engineered to reliably deliver the proper amount of fuel to high-performance street and racing applications.

Each pump utilizes the vehicle’s stock fuel-level sensor and the factory lock ring and includes Aeromotive’s remote True Variable Speed Controller and top hat. The True Variable Speed Controller extends the pump’s life and maximizes efficiency by decreasing pump speed during low-demand periods. This is done by reducing the amp draw and cycle rate, resulting in cooler fuel temperatures. Aeromotive also engineered these pumps to employ its patented Jet Siphon in conjunction with the factory jet siphon system pickup assembly.

The Brushless A1000 Fuel Pump (PN: 19105) can support forced-induction, E85-injected applications up to 700 hp, while the Brushless Eliminator Fuel Pump (PN: 19106) can support forced-induction, E-85-injected applications up to 980 hp. The 3.5 GPM Brushless Spur Gear Pump (PN: 19107) can handle forced-induction, E-85-injected applications up to 1,260 hp and the 5.0 GPM Brushless Spur Gear Pump (PN: 19108) supplies enough fuel for forced-induction, E-85-injected applications up to 1,820 hp.

Hospeco Brands Group
TaskBrand Prep, Paint and Finish Wiping System

Hospeco Brands Group released the TaskBrand Prep, Paint and Finish Wiping System, a prep-to-finish system that includes all the wiping products needed for each stage of the paint or refinishing process. The method includes five easy-to-follow steps: 1) tack cloth; 2&3) wash and dry prep cloths; 4) static control wipe; and 5) final tack cloth.

TaskBrand Essential Tack Cloths effectively remove dirt and sanding dust, leaving a clean, dry surface for paint and stain. This option will be more forgiving for new painters when learning the process and when using waterborne paints.

TaskBrand Wash & Dry Prep Cloths are large and super-absorbent for superior wipe-dry with waterborne paint and solvents. They are virtually lint-free, silicone free, with no added binders or glue that can contaminate work, and maintain excellent strength whether wet or dry.

TaskBrand Static Control Wipes are pre-saturated wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% de-ionized water to reduce static charge and minimize attracting dirt. Cleans surfaces thoroughly to lower the risk of paint defects and ideal for moderate temperature and/or humid conditions.

TaskBrand Final Tack Cloths remove dust and overspray between coats with virtually no fraying or linting while reducing static buildup on plastic parts and other surfaces. Works well with waterborne paint systems and does not leave residue on hands or surfaces.

Howell EFI
Wiring Harness for LS for Range Rover and Land Rover SUVs

Howell EFI now offers multiple wiring harness kit options ideal for LS swaps into classic Range Rover and Land Rover SUVs. The LS swaps, popular because of their improved reliability, ease of maintenance, and added horsepower, are a growing trend for DIY and DIFM installers.

The Howell EFI LS-1 and Gen III/Vortec truck wiring harness is designed for manual or non-electronic transmission and includes mechanical throttle linkage. Options are available for emission connections or fan wiring. The basic Howell LS-1 harness is a street-rod type, stand-alone design, available with or without wiring for the electronic transmission and including all emissions connectors so that it is legal in 50 states as a replacement harness.

In the engine compartment, the main branch of the engine harness goes down the driver's side with the main grounds attaching to the back of the LH cylinder head. This locates the harness on the engine. All connectors are labeled and will normally reach and attach only to their intended sensor. The camshaft and MAP sensors are at the back of the engine and the crank sensor is above the starter on the right-hand side of the block at the rear. Because Howell’s wiring harnesses keep all essential engine functions operating, this harness kit qualifies as a direct factory replacement for emissions functioning per EPA and CARB for on-road use only.

Wilwood Disc Brakes
Tri-Five Chevy 2-in. Drop ProSpindle and Brake Kits

Wilwood introduces its ProSpindle, engineered to give ’55–’57 Chevrolet Bel Air, and related cars, a 2-in. lower ride height and simplify performance brake installation. These precision-machined steel ProSpindles provide reinforced brake caliper mounts and an improved stance, while being lighter and stronger than original factory parts. The ProSpindles mount to OE ball joints in stock or aftermarket control arms and reuse factory steering arms with no change to steering or suspension geometry.

Wilwood’s ProSpindles, and the five new brake kits, are engineered to work as a system. All the available kit options include performance-proven, forged aluminum, multi-piston calipers with high-temperature seals, stainless pistons, and fade-resistant pads. Premium-grade iron alloy rotors range from 11.50 in. to 14.00 in. in diameter, and offer the option of plain, slotted, or drilled and slotted faces.

Improved Racing
CCS Oil Catch Can Kit for C7 Corvette
Improved Racing

Improved Racing’s CCS oil catch can kit for the C7 Corvette is now available. This kit fits naturally aspirated ’14–’19 Corvettes (a kit for supercharged engines is currently in development).

Because the mounting bracket bolts to the left cylinder head, this kit can also be used on vehicles with Gen V SBC engine swaps.