New Products From ARP, Exped, Wilwood Disc Brakes and More

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Wilwood Disc Brakes
Big Brake Kits for Polaris RZR UTVs
Wilwood Disc Brakes

Wilwood launched an entirely new caliper and rotor design for the Polaris RZR UTV platform from ’14–’23. Matched UTV6 six piston calipers in front and rear with dynamically mounted steel floating rotors reduce piston knockback, improve thermal capacity, and fit most 15-in. or larger wheels.

Forged aluminum differential-bore opposed piston UTV6 calipers reduce deflection to increase braking force and provide more uniform clamping. Large 11.25 in. x 0.25 in. (285mm x 6mm) steel rotors are nearly 20% greater in diameter for more brake torque and thicker for less distortion and are available in plain face or drilled.

MAHLE Motorsport
2023 Porsche Application Guide
MAHLE Motorsport

MAHLE Motorsport released its 2023 Porsche Application Guide that offers a complete listing of all Porsche-specific piston kits, offered applications, and features user-friendly sections of Water-Cooled and Air-Cooled listings subdivided based on engine size and application.

MAHLE’s machine-forged Porsche pistons have lightweight slipper skirts to reduce friction and are dual-coated with Phosphate and MAHLE’s proprietary GRAFAL skirt coating to reduce drag, wear, and noise. Piston kits include performance ring sets made from durable materials that are designed to provide consistent contact with the cylinders resulting in increased sealing and oil control.

The cylinders included in the air-cooled kits are machined to OE tolerances and designed to increase performance and longevity. Some applications are available as either a slip-in or machine-in design. The slip-in cylinders are simply a larger internal bore replacement. The machine-in cylinders require the engine cases to be machined to a larger bore diameter to accept their larger spigot diameter.

Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT)
Clutch Kits for Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT

ACT’s new powerful 11-in. Single-Disc Clutch and Flywheel Kit improves torque capacity, reliability and clutch feel. This kit is designed to work with factory hydraulics for easy installation, and ACT offers two flywheel weights and two friction materials to best suit your needs.

The new kits include a Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate, Street Mass Flywheel (JP5 Kits) or Pro-Mass Flywheel (JP6 Kits), a choice of Disc, Release Bearing, Bolts and Alignment Tool. The specially designed diaphragm spring of ACT’s Heavy Duty Pressure Plate dramatically increases clamping force and incorporates hardened diaphragm fingers for longer clutch life.

1/2-20 Thread Bolts

ARP released screw-in wheel studs for aftermarket axles. The most recent addition to the line, p/n 100-7738, has a 1/2-20 thread and an underhead length of 1.950 in.

Like other ARP wheel studs, they are manufactured from 8740 chrome moly steel and heat-treated to a nominal tensile strength of 190,000 psi (some 26% stronger than Grade 8 hardware) and cadmium plated for extra durability. Threads are rolled (not cut) to provide up to 10 times better fatigue life.

Obtaining the optimum stud length is an important consideration, and ARP offers 1/2-20 screw-in studs up to 3.470 in. underhead length. Many racing associations require the stud to protrude from the lug nut a distance equal to its diameter.

Megamat Auto

The MegaMat Auto (formerly MegaMat Duo TXY) was originally designed to fit the 2-row versions of the Tesla Model X and Model Y, the only vehicles equipped with a setting called “camp mode.” The ease of access from the falcon doors on the Model X makes it ideal for camping, and gazing at the moon under the glass roof of the Model Y is a truly special experience.

Over time, Exped realized that the mat had wider applications than just Tesla vehicles, including many midsize trucks, compact SUVs and wagons. The MegaMat Auto is the exact same mat as before, complete with the same dimensions and materials, just with an updated name.

Vintage Air
Gen 5 SureFit Climate-Control System for ’80–’86 Ford F-Series
Vintage Air

Vintage Air released its all-new Gen 5 SureFit Climate-Control System for ’80–’86 Ford F-Series trucks and Broncos. These SureFit Kits showcase the all-new Gen 5 electronically controlled climate-control system featuring industry-first OEM-quality injection-molded cases and block-type expansion valves. The SureFit Kits are available as either a Complete Kit or an Evaporator Kit and are designed to install with minimal modifications to the original firewall.

The new Gen 5 Vintage Air Climate-Control Systems are electronically controlled like the Gen IV systems and offer several new OEM-quality features, including an injection-molded case assembly, new higher-torque actuator motors and rubber over-molded blend air doors. The new SureFit Kit is also equipped with Vintage Air’s largest and most powerful blower motor, delivering 20% more cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) than standard blowers.