SEMA Show Highlights

Dedicated ADAS Showcase Makes SEMA Show Debut


The SEMA Show includes, for the first time, a 6,000-sq.-ft. area dedicated to helping businesses understand how to customize and/or repair vehicles that have Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). Located in booth #36007 (Upper South Hall), the SEMA Show ADAS Showcase, sponsored by Enterprise Rental Car, features ADAS-related tools, equipment, demonstrations and experts throughout the four-day SEMA Show, November 1–4, in Las Vegas.


Located in booth #36007 (Upper South Hall), the SEMA Show ADAS Showcase features ADAS-related tools, equipment, demonstrations and experts throughout the four-day SEMA Show.

The new SEMA Show feature comes as consumer demand for, and OEM offerings of, ADAS increases. By bringing together industry experts, partners and suppliers, Showgoers can network and learn how vehicle modifications impact ADAS functionality. Showgoers can also see firsthand where a vehicle’s ADAS sensors are, how they work and how they are impacted by modifications.

“The SEMA Show ADAS Showcase is designed to help businesses stay in front of the technology and understand where the opportunities are,” said Tom Gattuso, SEMA vice president of events. “This is the ideal time to interact and speak directly with leading providers and experts in the ADAS space. It’s also a valuable opportunity to get hands-on experience with some of the tools and equipment, and witness live mock demonstrations.”

Visitors can meet with ADAS recalibration suppliers (Airpro, Autel, Burke Porter, Hunter and John Bean/Snap-on), and with ADAS service providers (Alldata, AsTech by Repairify, AutoTechcelerators, CarADAS, i-Car, OpusIVS and Transportation Research Center). On display is a lowered car that has been modified.

Demonstrations are taking place on a lifted truck to show what equipment is needed in an actual aftermarket collision and service environment.

Showgoers can also learn about the 5,000-sq.-ft. ADAS Technology Center, locating within the SEMA Garage in Detroit. With two sophisticated labs, the ADAS Technology Center is at the forefront of research and testing. Showgoers can learn about the center’s data-driven approach to dynamic testing, which has a precise level of accuracy to within millimeters and milliseconds. The SEMA Garage in Detroit opened in August 2022. While the facility is the second SEMA Garage, it is a first for SEMA in terms of ADAS testing.

“We are forging new ground with the ADAS Center at the SEMA Garage in Detroit,” said Ben Kaminsky, SEMA Garage Detroit general manager. “While SEMA is a leader in performance product emissions testing, we are just getting started with ADAS. The SEMA Garage in Detroit will offer access to static and dynamic testing for ADAS so that aftermarket parts manufacturers will be able to help troubleshoot and develop products for any make and model vehicle, regardless of the ADAS features on it.”

Kaminsky and the SEMA Garage staff from Detroit are on hand to explain the capabilities of the facility. Live education sessions related to ADAS will also be taking place throughout the week. To learn more, visit